This Week’s Prominent Post-Its

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Feb 5, 2016 11:50:35 AM

Welcome to February 2016 everyone! There is a lot to look forward to this weekend and this week has stirred up the excitement with all of it's new announcements! From Netflix making amazing decisions to North Korea making poor decisions, take a look at this week’s prominent post-its.post_it_news-512893-edited.jpg

Super Bowl Of Chips and Dip

It’s that time of year again! Break out your biggest bowl of chips and dip because it’s game time this weekend. Payton Manning is hoping to gain his possibly last super bowl ring for the Broncos. On the other side stands the fresh-faced Cam Newton who hopes to get his first ring for the Panthers. Keep an eye out for Newton’s touchdown dance. No, he doesn’t do it when he runs for a touchdown he does it when he throws one, which has made many people very bitter. I think the most controversial thing about it is how uninspired it is though. I mean he doesn’t even pretend to break down a door! Opportunity missed my friend. Take a look at his dances here

Iowa’s Such A Caucus, Let’s Go To New Hampshire

Now that the decision has been made in Iowa, with Hillary Clinton winning by a literal coin flip and Ted Cruz winning by Trumps decision to miss the debate, all eyes fall on New Hampshire. Trump is still bitter about his loss and is trying to convince people that Cruz cheated, but no one cares because we’re all partying it up in New Hampshire for the week. Tuesday kicks off primary season and people are worried that the snow will deter people from getting to the polls, but those people are not from New England. We know how to handle snow here. For all info regarding the specialness that is the New Hampshire primary, click here

OITNB Has Their Sentence Extended

It was announced today that Orange Is The New Black has been renewed for THREE new seasons! It’s great news for women-driven content, but bad news for anyone going against it in the award sector for the next few years. Our lives would be a little less crazy in all the wrong ways without it though. It’s exciting to think about the new prisoners that will be thrown into the mix, especially with the amazing diversity that the show promotes. Whatever happens, just remember that it’s a TV show and not something you should become apart of in real life. Don’t get that confused people!

Oy With The Poodles Again!

It is official! Our favorite girls and all of their quirky townspeople will be returning in a four part special on Netflix. Man, Netflix is on fire right now! Gilmore Girls will be coming back to your TV and this time it’s not a hoax! It has been confirmed by all of our favorite people including Loralie and Luke! Who won’t be there though? Melissa Mccarthy responded to a tweet from a fan who asked about her return and Melissa told her the devastating news that no one approached her to be in it. Blasphemy! What is Stars Hollow without Sookie St. James? My hope is that she’s pulling a Michael Scott and is actually going to surprise us all in the last episode. Fingers crossed!

North Korean Satellite

It’s been so long since North Korea made some noise in the media: almost a full 2 weeks! So they were due for some feather ruffling. They’re getting ready to launch a satellite towards the end of February, claiming that it’s the start of their space exploration, but the UN is not buying it. Instead, it is thought to be all about their nuclear missile program. Satellites are helpful when directing nuclear missiles and it would be a very dangerous step for the rest of the world if North Korea is able to carry out this satellite launch. Also, some say that it's not going to be a satellite at all, but a missile they're testing. On a funnier note, a few different countries that regularly fly commercial airplanes over North Korea have deterred routes for the time being because they don’t want to get hit by falling debris when the launch fails.

So there is your round-up of the week! If you're interested in keeping up-to-date with everything, subscribe to our newsletter below!

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