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Nov 13, 2015 2:28:54 PM
Well folks, we made it through another week! Happy Friday the 13th. Hopefully no freaky Friday kind of scenarios happen to you this weekend. Before we officially head into the weekend, let’s catch up on this weeks’ happenings.


Red Cup Controversy

The fact that I even have to write that sub-head and it’s not in reference to running out of beer pong cups at a college party hurts my soul. I can’t imagine how Starbucks feels dealing with the drama their minimalist red cups invoked. The iconic Christmas cup is accused of being anti-Christmas because of its simplistic design. Maybe the real Grinches are the people who believe a cup holding overpriced coffee sets the tone for their holiday season!

Isn’t it Ironic?

Who would have thought a classic song like Alanis Morissette’s Ironic could get better? That’s the great thing about the digital era – there are always surprises. On The Late Late Show, she revealed a twist on her 1995 hit with some modern day updates like, “it’s like swiping left on your soulmate.” I’m sure the creators of Tinder never expected a shout out in this angsty 90s jam.

Don’t Let Your Data Hold You Back

It seems silly that we complain about running out of data when dial-up Internet used to be a daily struggle not that long ago. Unfortunately, using certain streaming apps can quickly eat up all of your precious data. T-Mobile may be making early holiday dreams come true by not counting Netflix and other video streaming services against your data plan. Now you can binge watch Orange is The New Black until your battery dies.

Republican Debate

In the latest Republican debate the candidates decided to focus on policy instead of the usual fanfare. Although, Donald Trump was probably distracted by the anti-Christmas cup from Starbucks. The debate outlined the fundamental differences between the policy and directions the candidates intend to take.

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