Establishing A Killer Keyword Strategy: Infographic

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Jun 27, 2014 11:49:00 AM

When establishing an online presence, new or existing, keyword strategy is one of the most important steps. Why is it so important? Without the right keywords, Google won't know who to show your content to, and even the best possible content will never be seen. I want my content seen, and so do you, so we here at Responsive Inbound Marketing wanted to share with you how we optimized our keyword strategy to help you do the same.
The path below is one we followed when reviewing and optimizing our keyword strategy. At the point that we did this we already had published content, so it is completely possible to revamp your keyword strategy at any point. Just remember to include the necessary keywords in the text of your content as well as linking them, to make sure that Google and the world know what you are writing about. 

So without further ado... Responsive Inbound Marketing's guide to a killer keyword strategy: Keyword_Strategy






















In establishing our keyword strategy, we used the HubSpot Keyword tool. Not only does this allow us to create lists of keywords, but it tells us the ranking difficulty, monthly searches, our rank, the number of visits to our content for each keyword we use, and more. The platform also allows us to link specific keywords into each piece of content that we write, so we can further get and retain high Google rankings and conduct analysis. 

This Infographic makes it look easy, but there are subtle nuances of the buyer's journey and the Inbound Marketing Methodology that make effective keyword research a whole lot more difficult than you may think. What if there was a short cut to getting your keyword strategy right?

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