The Brave New World of Healthcare Marketing

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Sep 24, 2015 10:15:17 AM

The healthcare industry is a constantly evolving landscape, therefore, so is healthcare marketing. But, while the industry itself evolves based on the newest technologies, much of the changes in marketing are due to the developing relationship between a healthcare provider and patient. Modern healthcare organizations have to be much more conscious of the patient experience – there are more healthcare options than ever, and losing patients means losing business. If you want to succeed in this new trend of patient-centric marketing, here are four key strategies to keep in mind:

Impress Your Potential Patients

In this new era of healthcare, patients have power. It’s more and more common for patients to shop around for the healthcare provider that meets their needs. And, there’s one key criterion that all patients are looking for: expertise. They want to be secure in their knowledge that your healthcare organization has the know-how to keep them safe and healthy. So, it’s essential to prove your worth to your potential patients. If you’re wondering how you can showcase your knowledge, we have the answer – content marketing! Writing blogs, white papers, and other helpful content doesn’t just position you as a thought leader in the industry; it also proves to your patients that you know what you’re talking about. Plus, you can send out healthcare emails to make sure your patients get the content that’s the most relevant to their own health and interests.

Personalize Your Brand

As much as expertise matters, it isn’t the only thing that patients look for. Most people want their healthcare provider to have a personal touch so that they know they’ll be dealing with humans who really care about their well-being. Traditional healthcare marketing strategies don’t give much opportunity for personalization, and that’s why so many healthcare organizations are taking to social media. A social media account is a much less formal way to stay in touch with your patients, and it allows your healthcare organization to feel a bit more human. You can even talk about things that don’t directly relate to healthcare – it’ll show your patients that there really are people behind the brand.

Take Advantage of Technology

Looking up-to-date and competent is a huge part of a good healthcare marketing strategy. In this day and age, that means getting on board with the latest technology. A basic piece of technology that your healthcare organization needs to consider is a patient portal. Creating a portal proves that your healthcare organization can use the latest technology, but it also delights your patients because it’s so convenient for them. Another of the latest healthcare marketing trends is developing an app for your healthcare organization, or at least taking advantage of apps that already exist. Apps are easily accessible and versatile enough that they can be of use to all of your patients, no matter their different situations and needs.

Keep Patients Pleased

The healthcare industry is no longer exempt from the perils of customer service. Now that patients have the freedom to look for a healthcare provider on their own, providing them with a good experience is critical. Sites are popping up all over the Internet that allow patients to rate their healthcare provider, and even Yelp – the king of review sites – is adding hospitals to its list of reviewable companies. With this in mind, it’s crucial that your healthcare organization makes every effort to improve patient experience and provide support for patients who are dissatisfied in any way. Unhappy patients are bad news in healthcare, so be sure to keep everything running smoothly...correcting patient issues as they arise. 

For a healthcare organization to thrive in the new era of healthcare marketing, the patient needs to be the top priority. So, be sure to keep these tips in mind when you’re developing a marketing plan. With these four strategies, your healthcare organization is sure to delight your patients!

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