Tech Expert or Agency Writer, That's the Question.

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Dec 9, 2015 10:55:34 AM

Regarding any type of business marketing or correspondence, great content is needed to make the right first impression and the best lasting impression. What does your content saying about your business?technical writer or agency content writer

Even though content is vitally important to business marketing and correspondence, many business owners treat content like a distant cousin. Yes, there is a relationship, but the relationship is not important enough to nurture. What type of relationship do you have with your content? Hopefully, it is much better than your distant cousin.

The traditional marketing methods for a lot of businesses have changed to embrace online marketing. However, there are many ways available to market online and offline. With so many marketing options available, some businesses are uncertain about the best marketing methods to utilize for their particular business.

Even though there maybe some questions regarding the best marketing methods to use for your business, one thing that cannot be questioned is the need for great content regarding all your marketing efforts. Online or offline, content is essential for marketing your business.

You should make sure that you have great content available for your marketing efforts. However, wanting great content and actually having access to great content are two entirely different situations. Almost every business wants access to great content, but very few businesses actually use great content for their marketing efforts.

Cultivate Your Content

What is your current content situation? Do you have access to great content? If the answer is no, you are not alone. Having access to great content is not easy because it does not grow on trees. Someone has to write it, and finding people who can write great content is much easier said than done.

Ultimately what many businesses do regarding content is to settle for what is convenient and this usually involves telling their technical people to write content for the organization. While using a tech expert to write content may sound like a good idea, rarely does this idea work out well for anyone involved for a variety of reasons.

  1. Technical people are technical people for a reason. They are skilled and experienced concerning tech issues, tech tasks, and tech problems. In addition, technical people are analytical by nature and tend to be serious minded. They are unlikely to possess the literary creativity you need. These are generally not the best type of people to write content for your business.

  2. Writing is a skill that not everyone possesses. Moreover, writing goes way beyond just correct subject and verb agreement. Great writing requires creativity, imagination, and the ability to engage the thoughts and mind of the readers. Do your tech people fall into this category?

  3. Technical people and writers tend to use different parts of the brain to do their work. It is hard to find a person who can both write and handle technical tasks very well. If you find that person, the person is very special and should probably be running your business operations.

For businesses who do not have a content writing team, the time to develop a team, or the budget to establish a content team, there are options available beyond your tech people who probably rank writing content just above getting a root canal.

One of the best sources for content writing is a well-qualified agency writer. You should notice the word “writer”. Who this person is, is an actual writer who writes content along with other writing assignments. Generally this is a much better option than your tech person who handles the technical issues related to your company’s computer and network operations. If your network goes down, your tech person should be the first person you call. However, writing content should typically be left to writers.

Some of the benefits to using an agency writer include:

  1. Agency writers know how to write content. They do it for a living.

  2. The time and expense needed to build an in-house content team can be avoided by using an outside agency writer.

  3. Content writing is a skill that most tech people do not have and conversely most writers are not tech savvy. You probably do not want an agency writer to work on your company’s computer network, so why have your tech expert attempt to write content?

Content has become a big part of business marketing. Every type of marketing, either online or offline, requires great content. An agency writer can write a variety of content assignments and deliver great content to fit the purpose of each assignment. Let your content talk for you; never allow your content to talk about you. 

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