Roost: Your Solution to Content Overload

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Jun 25, 2014 11:30:00 AM

"Content is king" — we've all heard it, and apparently heeded the message. According to a recent Mashable infographic, there are 684,478 shared pieces of content on Facebook, 571 new websites created, and 100,000 tweets posted — every minute of every day. The amount of data at our fingertips has become overwhelming, and it's diminishing the power of content marketing. 

Enter Roost. Content may be king, but Roost has crowned distribution as queen, and we all know that the woman holds the power. 
So what is it?

Roost is a website push tool that allows visitors to subscribe to receive notifications of your site's content updates with a single click. Think of the Facebook notifications that are sent to your smartphone. An update makes you want to visit the site and check out what's new, right? Roost works in a similar way. When subscribers gets a notification that is of interest, they will be directed to the landing page of that pertinent content. 

How Can I Use It?

Because users are responding to notifications, they are much more likely to become qualified leads, as they have chosen to return to your website to view what they already know will be relevant content. Additionally, beta results indicate that Roost has an opt-in rate 30x that of email, because it is so subtle and easy to manage. Discontinuing the notifications is easy, which will avoid user frustration at the sense that they are being force-fed information. 

Roost incorporates scheduling, analytics, and campaign management tools to aid organization and performance evaluation. It is a way to draw more site traffic and promote your content without over-crowding your home page or smothering your internal pages with CTAs. As the abundance of online content continues to grow, Roost has established itself as a solution to the "content overload" problem, providing a new way to create an individualized, custom experience for your audience. 

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