Mastering the New Bookmark Feature in HubSpot

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Jun 3, 2024 12:11:06 PM
Unlock the full potential of HubSpot's bookmark feature with our quick guide. Learn how to efficiently utilize bookmarks to enhance your workflow and increase productivity.

Understanding the Benefits of Bookmarks in HubSpot

The new bookmark feature in HubSpot provides a convenient way to quickly access your favorite tools and pages within the platform. By bookmarking frequently used tools, you can save time and streamline your workflow.

Bookmarks also allow you to easily jump between different sections of HubSpot without having to navigate through multiple menus. This can greatly enhance your efficiency and productivity.

Whether you're a salesperson looking to quickly access your deals dashboard or a marketer who frequently uses the email editor, bookmarks can help you navigate HubSpot more efficiently.

Accessing and Setting Up Bookmarks in HubSpot

To access the bookmark feature in HubSpot, simply click on the 'Bookmarks' icon located in the top left corner of the navigation bar. This will open the bookmarks panel.

To add a new bookmark, navigate to the page or tool you want to bookmark and click on the 'Add Bookmark' button in the bookmarks panel. You can then give your bookmark a name and save it.

Screen Shot 2024-06-03 at 11.33.25 AM


To access your bookmarks, click on the 'Bookmarks' icon again and select the bookmark you want to open. The page or tool will open in a new tab for easy access.

By following these tips and tricks, you can become a master of the bookmark feature in HubSpot and optimize your workflow.

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