Industry Shout-Out: Revitalize Construction Marketing

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Jan 26, 2016 2:15:20 PM

The economy is finally bouncing back, and with it is demand for new private and commercial buildings. This is great news for all those construction companies out there, as people are increasingly in need of your services! However, marketing strategies have changed since the 2009 recession. 

Inbound is well, in. So ditch the cold calls, TV ads, and spammy mass emails and start marketing your construction services the smart way! One easy and effective way to break into inbound marketing is by using social media as a marketing tool — 82% of contractors are already doing it! Here are 3 tips for starting or improving your construction company's social media platform (or any other, for that matter). Prospective customers are likely to do a lot of research before they decide on, say, a roofing contractor. Your job is to reach them as they are gathering information during the awareness stage of the buyer's journey. The widespread use of social media sites can make them powerful channels through which you can connect with potential customers and earn their trust. To see the best results, follow these 3 practices for your company's social media marketing.

1. Keep your pages updated!
Pages that have not been updated in months are like ghost towns in old Western films. The meager pieces of content that do appear there are like dusty tumbleweeds: dried-up and useless. In order to get people to engage with your brand, you need to continually provide helpful or interesting information that will keep them coming back for more and sharing your content on their own pages. 

2. Don't design your page as a sales pitch. 
Avoid self-promotion: people don't want to be told how awesome you are. If you do this right, they will figure that out for themselves, and spread the word to others! Using social media to sell your product comes off as disingenuous. Instead, post useful content that will help potential customers make an educated decision as they consider their options, which will establish your company as a trusted service provider. 

3. Close the deal! 
Getting "likes" is different than converting leads into customers. By using HubSpot's analytics tools, you can track lead information so that you can make each lead's experience more personalized as you move them down the funnel toward the decision stage. Zaggora, a UK sports equipment company that recently started using HubSpot, loved the Social Inbox and Contacts functions, which allowed them to segment leads and monitor customer feedback. By using HubSpot and social media inbound marketing, they saw a 91% increase in organic traffic over 5 months and a 47% social media lead to customer conversion rate! 

Social media is just one component of inbound marketing strategy, but it can transform your lead generation and conversion methods! If you want to know more about the HubSpot platform or how inbound marketing can help your company convert more leads into customers, contact us, or check out this complimentary download, "The Ultimage Guide To Social Media Marketing", now!

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