How Kanye West Uses Content Marketing

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Apr 3, 2015 12:15:00 PM

Kanye West is either a marketing genius or has a superb marketing team. Either way, his content marketing strategy is on point, and we could learn a few things from it. So let’s!

On August 22nd, 2010, Kanye sent out a tweet about his new “GOOD Fridays” plan. The idea was that he would create a brand new song for his listeners to download every single Friday. The content he produces isn’t advice by any stretch of the imagination, but it is content, nonetheless. He makes music and millions of people follow and listen to him. His music is how he attracts his audience, just like we do with our blog content. 

GOOD Fridays was his content strategy; it’s simple but very effective. It included: 

Step 1. The Announcement
He announced that he was going to do something new that had never been done before – and for free.

Step 2. Give It A Name.
He called it GOOD Fridays. 

Step 3. Create Content.
His content was the music he created. 

Every time he created a new song, he would tweet his audience and let them know where to get it. Twitter is probably where most of his audience keeps up with him. Right now he has 2.1 million followers, so it’s likely that a lot of traffic hit his site each time he announced that a new song was available.

When you reach his site, you don’t see a download button, or a play button; all you get is a list of songs and a box to enter your email. The process is simple, but again, very effective. You probably have a version of this process for yourself. 

How Kanye West uses content marketing proves that everything we know about online marketing can be applied to virtually any industry, that the level of awareness about using social media and email as marketing tools is going up, and that keeping it simple works! So, go out there and build your audience, offer them valuable content, ask for their email, and generate your list of true fans.

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