How Expensive Is It To Hire An Inbound Marketing Specialist For Your SaaS Company?

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Apr 10, 2017 10:55:36 AM

If your SaaS company is taking their inbound marketing strategy seriously to generate quality leads and grow business, then you’ll need the right people on your team to manage your efforts. And if you’re not totally convinced that this is the way to go, then here’s why your SaaS company needs inbound. When considering whether to hire an inbound marketing specialist, aside from the skills they bring to the table, hire an inbound marketing specialistyou’ll need to know how expensive it will be. Salaries range depending on what area of the country you’re in, the experience level required and industry.  

But First, What Can An Inbound Specialist Do?

First and foremost, an inbound specialist needs to have a thorough understanding of the inbound methodology and best practices, and know how all of the pieces work together. They should know how to attract visitors and convert them into leads with content, nurture leads with email and workflows and move them through the buyer’s journey towards conversion.

These are some of the other skills the inbound marketing specialist you hire should have.

  • Understand buyer personas and how to create a strategy that reaches them
  • Create campaigns that drive traffic and generate leads
  • Experience with marketing automation tools
  • Data is an important tool to help boost your SaaS marketing strategy. The ability to use data and analytics to make better decisions, prove ROI and see why something did or did not work
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Content marketing experience and how to develop an editorial calendar
  • Ideally they also have experience working with a tech or SaaS company

According to research from The Creative Group, the average salary nationwide for a content strategist is $81,250 – $115,250. This range will vary based on location, with cities like Boston or San Francisco having higher average salaries.

Glassdoor, which reports on actual salaries that users submit, listed the national average for an inbound marketing specialist to be $55,000, with an average overall range of $40,000 - $77,000.

Average salary reported for major cities:

Boston: $59,000

New York City: $59,000

Los Angeles: $57,000

San Francisco: $69,000

Other factors to consider are benefits packages, which would be an additional cost above salary, as well as the cost of finding and training a new employee, and any other perks offered.

The Agency Option

Deciding whether or not to add someone to your team will be based on factors unique to your company. You may find that working with an inbound marketing company is the way to go, instead of hiring an inbound marketing specialist. Your expectations may factor into this decision. It’s practically impossible for just one person to be able to create content, design graphics, understand SEO, analyze data and design your website. Generally, you need to decide between several people that are specialists in an area, or one person who is a generalist in several areas (and even they can’t be great at everything).

If your team doesn’t currently have all of the skills needed in order to meet your marketing goals, an inbound marketing agency can be a viable option. With an agency, you get a full team for the cost of a monthly retainer, less than it would cost to hire additional people for your in-house team. You’ll also benefit from an agency’s marketing expertise. They live and breathe marketing, and will know what strategies will work best for your company, saving you time, and the trial and error of doing it on your own. 

Whether you hire an inbound marketing specialist, or decide to go the agency route, your investment in an inbound marketing strategy will pay off for your SaaS company by helping you to reach the right people at the right time and gain more loyal customers.

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