Google Docs & HubSpot Is A Content Team’s Dream

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Oct 4, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Google Docs & HubSpot

Google Docs is an awesome collaborative business tool and a free alternative to Microsoft Word. But, there’s one hiccup in Google Docs that you might know all too well, which is the formatting issues of text and images when you copy and paste content into HubSpot that has you spending more time with unnecessary code in the HTML. Well, no more. The new integration of Google Docs & HubSpot is here to make life easier.

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The Troubles With Google Docs

Right when HubSpot announced their integration with Google Docs, marketers and content creators everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief. The drawback was not Docs itself, but when you transferred your content from Docs to website publication that created a number of issues. For one, when an item is copied over from Docs to your content management system such as HubSpot or WordPress, you suddenly find your content has shifted into a different format or worse yet, your new formatting collides with the existing formatting code, causing text to misbehave, like the font or bullet lists, for example. Sounds familiar?  

A more thorny fault in the formatting jump from Docs to CMS is the mobile loading issues it can cause, and at times, even on desktop. 

Google Docs & HubSpot: What’s New?

The new integration of Google Docs & HubSpot is finally here to bring us a solution to the unnecessary formatting code. By way of HubSpot Collect, you can import your content from Google Docs into HubSpot without copying or pasting, and without the hassle of dealing with formatting code issues in HTML. In other words, it’s a one-click solution to import drafts from Docs right into HubSpot while all images and texts remain in the same preserved format.

How It Works 

It’s easy. Here are the steps to integrate Google Docs & HubSpot CRM:

Google Docs & HubSpot

Courtesy of HubSpot

  • Add the HubSpot Collect Chrome Extension
  • Click on the sprocket icon to connect HubSpot Collect to your existing HubSpot Marketing account
  • Import the draft from Google Docs that you want into HubSpot by clicking the extension, and then click on “import to HubSpot draft.” It should look like the demonstration (gif) above

A Deeper Dive Into The HubSpot Platform

With the new Google Docs & HubSpot integration, there's one less inconvenience in a content team's daily grind. If you're new to the inbound methodology or your digital marketing activities need better organization and management to grow your business, HubSpot fits with virtually all types of companies and industries (B2B, B2C, nonprofit). When you combine this with marketing automation software like HubSpot, you will produce a better ROI. Try a HubSpot free trial for 30 days, no credit card or commitment required.

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