A/B Testing Can Make Your Travel Website Stand Out This Summer!

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May 30, 2014 9:28:00 AM

As the summer heats up, people are starting to look to get away with some travel and leisure activities. And where do they look to make their plans? The internet. Are you one of the many small travel-related businesses hoping to draw in some guests this summer? If you are, how do you know that your website is appealing to the tourists you need? "I don't," you say? Well then I am going to introduce you to a concept that can make your website troubles melt away! 
Whether you are a small inn looking to bring in more guests through your website or a tour company who wants more visitors on your travel blog, there is always that feeling of fear and indecision about whether or not your website is turning its visitors into your customers. How do you know that your website is doing its job? Through a process called A/B Testing! 

It might sound a bit complicated, but the general concept of A/B Testing is fairly simple: you create a version A and a version B of the web page you want to analyze, publish both, and record the impact. Don't worry, your customers won't be confused by duplicate pages on your website. The right software can make it very easy to ensure that your visitors are randomly seeing only one of the versions and can track the success of each.  But what if you have more visitors than you know what to do with, but you just can't seem to turn them into customers? In that case, it can be just as easy to base your decision on the rate with which visitors are converted to customers for each page, the conversion rate. Simple, right?

A/B Testing can be utilized to investigate the impact of the colors, images, words, prices, and layout of any part of your website. Worried that your black background bothers potential customers like in the images above? Test it! Can't decide between two different ways to word your home page? Test it! Concerned that with everything you already have to do you will never have the time to utilize A/B Testing? Contact Responsive Inbound Marketing! 

Responsive Inbound Marketing is devoted to dedicating the time and expertise to help your business create the online presence you want through inbound marketing and A/B Testing. We work with HubSpot to provide the software needs to make such testing and so much more possible. Check out our website to learn more about what we can do for your business and follow us on Facebook and all of your social media (just click on those handy little buttons on the bottom of this page) to learn more about inbound marketing and how it could become your online secret weapon.

Now that you know everything you need to know about A/B Testing, learn how Smart and Dynamic Content can REALLY help you personalize your website!

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