8 Golden LinkedIn Groups for Marketers

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May 5, 2015 12:08:50 PM

Finding the time to keep up with content from the best and brightest in the industry is a struggle for busy marketers; yet, it should be prioritized. Luckily, LinkedIn groups are easy sources of valuable industry news and trends that marketers can follow and even join in on stimulating marketing conversations. Here, we’ll list the top 8 LinkedIn groups for marketers to keep on their radar.

  1. Digital Marketing

Created on March 3, 2008 

One of the largest groups on LinkedIn, this community offers tons of inspiration, intriguing discussions, and detailed tips and best practices for improving your online marketing, including mobile, SEO, email, and much more. 

  1. Inbound Marketers - For Marketing Professionals

Created on September 21, 2007 

The Inbound Marketers group provides tips, tricks, templates, and tutorials for planning and executing on successful inbound marketing strategies. If you believe in inbound (like us), this group is too good to go unnoticed.

  1. B2B Marketing

Created on November 4, 2008 

If you focus primarily on B2B content, this is an excellent group to join. You’ll learn all about the trials and tribulations associated with the B2B sector and how you can go about conquering your biggest challenges with marketing to these companies.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Created on March 6, 2008 

This large community is ideal for you if you crave new insights on social media. You’ll receive weekly announcements in your inbox with great resources and webinars, in addition to the lively discussion from the general social media community.

  1. Search Engine Land

Created on January 29, 2008 

If you need SEO help, this is a great source. You’ll learn everything from penalty fixes to the latest and greatest best practices in this group. By just quickly scanning the most popular discussions in this group, you’ll get the quick fix you need to better your search strategies.

  1. Content Strategy

Created on April 1, 2009 

When you create content, are you aligning it with certain goals or are you creating it just to stay current? This group will get you thinking more strategically about every blog post, ebook, or webinar you produce, which will definitely help in boosting your lead generation. 

  1. The Blog Zone - A Community for Bloggers

Created on June 20, 2009 

This is the most popular blog-specific community on LinkedIn. If you want to focus more on mission, vision, focus, and general blog strategy, join this community and start chatting with like-minded marketers. 

  1. On Startups - The Community for Entrepreneurs

Created on September 19, 2007 

This large group caters to entrepreneurs who seek to learn from and establish significant thought leadership in their careers. Gain motivation, confidence, and key advice from this startup community.

Knowing about these 8 awesome LinkedIn groups marketers should join will enhance your marketing knowledge and efforts significantly. In order to lead in your industry, you must familiarize yourself with great content from the experts. LinkedIn groups are easy to keep up with and really where knowledge sharing is thriving today. Get in on it!

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