6 Ways to Avoid Boring Blogging

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May 8, 2015 9:44:00 AM

Creating a blog is easy, but ensuring that it’ll engage your readers and keep them wanting to hear more from you can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve listed 6 effective methods for writing blogs that won’t bore your audience! Learn how to make your business blogs count.

  1. Give your readers something to look forward to.

You should always leave your readers wanting more of what you’ve written – but that doesn’t mean you should drone on about yourself and expect people to care. Give them an incentive to stick around! This is a top priority when business blogging.

  1. Use an active voice.

Don’t muddle the meaning of your sentences with a passive voice; it comes across as stuffy and formal. Use an active voice to keep your points clear and punchy. 

  1. Make strong claims and back them up. 

“Inbound marketing might be a good idea for your company.” Did that sentence invigorate you? Not so much. On the other hand: “The best way to effectively promote your business is through inbound marketing.” This is a much stronger claim. Make sure to back up your claims with evidence. 

  1. Challenge ideas and push limits.

Engaging content isn’t always well-received. It can frustrate, irritate, or even enrage readers. Regardless, don’t be afraid of the reaction you might get. If your content strikes a nerve and you get an earful of responses, congratulations! You’ve created something engaging, whether your readers like it or not. Don’t worry: chances are you will receive some very positive feedback, too. 

  1. Make every bit of content a call-to-action.

This particular business writing tip is extremely important. Every piece of content on your website should provoke your readership to do something. In other words, don’t write something just because you want to fill up a page; write something to get a targeted reaction.

  1. Research, research, research.

Don’t celebrate because you’ve keyword-stuffed your way to the first page of Google. Instead, celebrate if you’ve targeted the right audience, answered your readers’ questions, and created something that resonates with them.

These helpful tips will give your business blogging life, direction, and purpose. Remember that you’re writing for specific reasons, so keep these points in mind to maintain your focus and your readers’ attention!

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