6 Reasons All Marketing Professionals Should Be Using Google+

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Jun 18, 2014 11:27:00 AM

You've heard it a million times — social media presence is a marketing must. And while Facebook and Twitter (and even Instagram!) are currently enjoying the spotlight, don't make the mistake of overlooking Google+. If you have a Gmail account, you may already have Google+. If not, it's really easy to set up, and totally worth the 10 minutes! In a recent article, Forbes Entrepreneurs contributor Jayon DeMers wrote, “I believe that businesses who are finding themselves spread thin with their social media efforts will increasingly turn to Google+ as the closest thing we have to a ‘one size fits all’ social network.” In other words, this is gonna be big. If you don't take her word for it, let us elaborate. 

With 343 million active users, over 1 million business and brand pages created within its first 6 months, and a reported 5-10% increased click-through rate for socially enhanced search ads, the power of Google+ is undeniable. Here are 6 ways that Google+ can enhance your marketing campaigns: 

1. Use It as a Branding Tool
Remember when we told you that your brand should be embodied by every part of your company and its employees? This includes its online presence. Reaching out to your audience and potential customers through social media gives your brand a more human, personal feel. And while social media like Facebook do fill this role, the more platforms across which you can convey a consistent brand image, the better! Additionally, Google+ has functions like Google Authorship that establishes the personal brand of your company's various marketing contributors, contributing to authority and further inspiring trust in your brand. 

2. More Demographic Information
Another great thing about Google+ that sets it apart from its competitors is its ability to collect and effectively use demographic information from its users. Unlike Facebook, which is only one website with limited advertising opportunites, Google commands a network of billions of websites and flexible ad formats. When users sign up and provide their demographic information, that data can suddenly be used by Google to tailor various ads, suggestions, and pages perfectly to different groups of users. As Socialmedia Today writer John McElborough says, "Google+ is not a social network, its a demographic research tool." 
3. Honest Feedback
Google+ has a "+" option, similar to the "like" function on Facebook, that allows users to show support or interest in posts they see. By tracking the plusses awarded by your followers, you can recieve honest feedback from people about your company's services or online contributions. Use your followers' feedback to identify what you're doing right and areas in which you can improve. Create more of what they like and change or discontinue the stuff they don't! 

4. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors 
You can also use the "+" function to check out how your competitors are doing, and how their material compares to yours in the opinion of your shared audience. After all, successful marketing really just means winning the popularity contest, doesn't it? 

5. Communities
Google+ communities are groups with shared interests that facilitate conversation and information sharing across that group of people. Participating in Google+ communities has a lot of benefits. You can comment on and "+" content you find within your various groups, for instance, to start a dialogue with others in your field and build your network. Get involved in relevant groups, support others, and generate reciprocity for your own content! Social media is all about starting conversations, and this is a perfect way to do it with people who care about what you're saying. Successful communities will have a clearly defined purpose, active moderators who nurture the community, consistent, high quality content, and thoughtful user interactions. And the best part is that they help you to build real life connections with relevant leads and peers! 

If you want a success story, look no further than your favorite outdoor gear supplier. With the hashtag #funhogging, Patagonia has created a successful campaign that spans Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and (you guessed it!) Google+. Over 4,000 Google+ community members can share stories and photos of their outdoor adventures, connect with one another, and show their support of good old Patagucci. So next time you don your vintage snap synchilla and summit a mountain, you can make sure everyone knows it. 

6. Analytics and SEO
Finally, you want to make sure that your social media efforts are positively affecting your marketing. With Google Analytics, you can easily monitor the success of your campaigns. And if you prefer to use a different analytical tool, there are tons out there (SumAll, CircleCount, and Steady Demand, to name a few) that integrate seamlessly with Google+. Track the key performance indicators attached to your social media marketing and see how many "+'s or shares your content has recieved. Strengthening your presence on Google+ will also significantly enhance your SEO, as Google will automatically feature your content when one of your followers conducts a related search. Read: improved content rankings!

Clearly, Google+ is a powerful marketing tool with a lot of potential benefits. Who knew? Now you do, and knowledge is half the battle! However, we know you're busy, and keeping up with all of these social media platforms can be time consuming. Don't have time to focus on creating and maintaining a Google+ account? We're happy to help! Contact Us to get the ball rolling, and we'll take care of the rest. 

If you are savvy enough to take it on yourself, check out this free eBook on how Google+ can help you improve your SEO!

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