3 Ways Google+ Can Help You Get Noticed on Google Search

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May 21, 2014 3:11:00 PM

Why would you waste your time posting on a social media platform that you don't think your customers are on? What if I told you that it was not a waste, that by posting where you have no followers you could still make it to the top of your customers' search?

  Whether or not you have followers on Google+, I am here to tell you that you should be utilizing it. If you don't want to know how to make it to the top of Google, maybe there's no need to read the rest of this post, but Google Search is the king of the search market, and I can't think of a reason not to want to rank well on Google Search. Can you? 

Of course Google is biased toward Google+, it's their creation and it can help optimize their other products. And here is where you come in: by posting quality content regularly on Google+ you are helping Google index your content and you can get a boost from Google, in order to be one of the top links in the optimized searches your customers are making.

Here are three ways Google+ posts help you get noticed on Google Search:

1. You know those displays that sometimes show up to the right of your Google Search? These often show a map, a short company bio, recent posts, and similar searches, and they are there because those companies have a presence on Google+. Below is a picture of how Google+'s presence on Google+ got it this nice real estate on the right of its top page, just as your company can do! 

Google+ SEO

2. Posting often on Google+ gets your site and your name indexed on Google quicker and more often. These posts act as submissions of your content to Google and work much faster than actually submitting your content separately, so your quality content that is optimal to a search will definitely be more likely to rank well on Google.

3. Google+ features such as Google Authorship are made to increase click-through rates, by including your Google+ profile picture and optimizing the text on Google Search this adds a human touch and leads to increasing click-through to your content. 

Now it just takes some great content that your customers want to read! Along with Hubspot's platform, we here at Responsive Inbound Marketing can ensure that your current social media content will be posted just as easily to Google+, and even provide the relevant, optimized content you need to increase your online presence. 

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