4 Tips for Successful Images

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Nov 13, 2014 1:11:00 PM

You always read about how important it is to add pictures to your blog. You know they should be relevant and they should have alternate text. But, is that all to an image? Is it as simple as copying and pasting a picture onto your blog? Not really! So how do you know if you are using pictures correctly? We are here to help! Here are 4 Tips for Successful Images.

  1. Keep It Real

Use images of real people and I’m not talking about those boring stock photos you find online. I mean well-taken photos of employees next to their bio’s or an interesting group shot on your blog. Avoid the cheesy stock photos unless you want your website to look like it could be used as a motivational poster in a 6th grade classroom.

  1. Speed Your Images Up

Optimize your images! Nobody is going to sit for your 10-billion megapixel image to load. Time is precious! If it takes longer than a second to load, think about optimizing it to make for quicker loading.

  1. Images Really Do Say A Thousand Words

Unless you are writing for a medical journal, think about using infographics. These images are a great way to get people see all of the data you have collected, while keeping them interested. So, instead of writing that 2,000-word essay to show readers some statistics use infographics! Because what looks better, a bunch of lengthy paragraphs or colorful images with large statistics illustrating the same point?

  1. Use Quality Photos

High quality photos bring more creditability to your site. These quality images make your website seem professional and official. Think of high quality photos in terms of your products. If you make a product, you want it to be sturdy, valuable, and something that people want. If it is not high quality it just seems cheap, flimsy, and looks like a knock-off product. There is a reason why those five-dollar Oakley’s you got in Mexico don’t seem to fit the same as the real ones. Avoid having your website look like a cheap, knock-off and use images that don’t make people question your credibility! 

Images are a great tool for blogs and websites. They generate huge numbers of viewers when used correctly so make sure you are following these fours simple steps! Think about how you want your company to be seen, because for many viewers your website will be their first impression!

Now that you know how to successfully use images in you blog, check out our 30 Tips to Lead Generation and get more viewers to you site today!


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