4 Signs You Should Employ Inbound Marketing Experts

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Feb 4, 2015 12:35:17 PM

You may kind of know what you’re doing in terms of implementing inbound tactics, but that just doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive market. If you’re trying to determine whether it’s worth it to invest in an inbound marketing agency to improve your content, website, and Internet presence, here are 4 telltale signs that it’s time for you to let the experts take the reigns.

  1. You’re struggling to attract more qualified prospects.

How do you read your traffic sources? Is your traffic high or low? Is your traffic converting into leads? It’s important that you’re focusing on not only increasing your website’s traffic, but also bringing in the right kind of traffic. An agency will work with your team to create and execute a custom strategy to attract swarms of high-quality prospects. The inbound marketing experts will achieve this by: 

  • Growing traffic and demonstrating expertise with blogging
  • Building reach and influence with social media
  • Keyword research and SEO
  1. You don’t know how to convert more leads and expand your sales pipeline.

Great lead generation requires creating compelling offers for your target customers and deploying conversion paths that effectively convert visitors to leads. Inbound veterans will help you produce and execute in this manner in order to build your pipeline and put you on track to exceed revenue goals. An agency can achieve this by:

  • Crafting compelling offers that resonate with your prospects
  • Conversion optimization and A/B testing
  • Executing effective email marketing
  • Using lead segmentation to improve targeting 
  1. You’re not converting leads into customers.

Your success at growing revenue depends on what happens after lead conversion. Do you have a strategy in place to effectively lead prospects through your sales process and help your sales team approach sales-ready leads? An inbound marketing agency will know the most successful ways to do this, with strategies such as: 

  • Nurturing leads into customers
  • Prioritizing sales efforts
  • Using email marketing with a purpose
  • Automating what works best 
  1. You don’t have a comprehensive inbound marketing plan or the time to create one.

When you create marketing campaign, you shouldn’t just be guessing. Ultimately, an inbound marketing agency will create a comprehensive gap analysis to assess the competition, strengthen weaknesses, and aggressively pursue the best plan to grow your business.

The inbound marketing agency you employ is essentially an extension of your marketing team and, thus, is a reflection of your company’s talent. Although there is a price tag on this endeavor, it will truly be a great investment to your overall success.

What to consider when choosing an inbound marketing agency

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