4 Platforms Millennials Are Using To Do Their Research These Days

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Nov 29, 2016 10:56:51 AM

If there's one thing savvy marketers know about millennials is to keep things real. Millennials - born between 1980 and 2000 - love to see authentic content-driven media that they can like, share, pin, tweet, snap, forward, or comment on. When it comes to this digital generation that currently makes up 80 million of the U.S. population and has an annual spending power projected to surpass $1 trillion by 2020, one thing is certain; they are empowered by content that speaks to them. So, do you ever wonder what online platforms millennials are using to do their research? platforms millennials are using

According to Forbes, 33% of millennials (also known as Generation Y) review blogs before they make a purchasing decision, compared to less than 3% that rely on TV, magazines and books. Meanwhile, social media has practically taken over life as we know it! As part of the top platforms millennials are using, networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are  bustling  online communities made up of social exchange and discovery that give consumers the opportunity to see products and content in action. So, if you're looking for a way to connect with this key demographic and move them further down the sales funnel, this is a powerful platform to build your brand and 'slay'.  Think of social media channels as the modern day word-of-mouth tactic; HubSpot says 84% of millennials are influenced by the authentic opinions of real product users they can relate to on social networks - be it a friend or a stranger with similar interests.

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Okay, so, we know where the 'cool kids' mostly hang out. But, what websites are driving them to distraction? That's also to say, where are these digital natives scouting for information?

  1. Google
    As a millennial myself, I can't tell you the countless amount of times I use Google throughout the day for searches; news, information, reviews, etc. In fact, Consumer Barometer reports 55% of Generation Y use search engines to learn about products and to generally find answers to whatever question is burning on their minds.

    With an average of 2.3 million Google searches per second, websites are battling for the highest ranking on Google's results pages in order to maximize visitors to their sites. Speaking of which, do you have your SEO strategy well put together? If you're in doubt, there's always room for SEO improvement.

  2. YouTube
    56% of millennials watch videos online, according to Consumer Barometer. Relevant video content is a remarkably effective means of connecting with your audience or your desired customer. YouTube is one of the hottest platforms millennials are using now more than ever before as a source of entertainment as well as a resource for learning and discovering. Now is not a bad idea to rethink your brand's marketing plan to include video content to drive more visitors to your site.

  3. BuzzFeed       
    BuzzFeed is a "shareable" news and entertainment site that uses innovative digital media and technology, placing itself in the forefront of its kind. If you peruse the contents of the website, it's easy to see why Generation Y prefers it to mainstream media like FOX or CNN. For example, feature stories and topics have headlines like "Do You Eat Things Weird?" and "How To Snapchat Your Thanksgiving Meal Without Destroying Your Family," while even the more serious news articles carry engaging digital and textual content, making it especially appealing to millennials.

  4. Elite Daily
    Its slogan says it all: Elite Daily - The Voice of Generation Y. This news platform ranks high on the list of most popular platforms millennials are using probably for its personal content of published pictures and original posts submitted by readers. The website's engagement level is also attributed to its efficient design;  time-saving reading while on the go.

Even though they demand instant gratification and a fast response, marketing to this instrumental group doesn't have to be complicated. Learn the best ways to attract millennials with inbound marketing.

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