4 Email Signatures That Drive Conversions

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Dec 5, 2017 10:30:00 AM

It’s hard to believe that email is the oldest marketing tool around (the first email goes back to the 1960s!). Yet, when you put email up against modern communication methods (Live Chat, text messaging, on-demand AI customer support), it’s still alive and thriving. In fact, a business’ daily operation can heavily depend on email exchanges between employees, suppliers, and customers because not only is it an inexpensive and immediate means of connecting, it’s an excellent form of record-keeping too. But before you hit the “send” button, you can separate yourself from the crowd by adding email signatures that drive conversions. 

Email signatures that drive conversions

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An estimated 205 billion emails are sent and received daily, according to The Radicati Group Email Statistics Report. In inbound marketing, the key to making the perfect networking email is to keep the conversation going and give the recipient something to do in response. Below we show you 4 email signatures that drive conversions and that can foster a personal relationship with prospective or current customers, partners, vendors, and industry influencers. 

Email Signatures That Drive Conversions

1. Add A Video 

Video content is dominating the visual marketing sphere while 52% of marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. So it would only make sense that your email signature is adorned with an awesome promotional video, even one that shows your company’s culture. The purpose of a video is to offer the recipient more information about your brand - in the form of a campaign, an offer,  event, etc. - in a more engaging way.

Add a video to your email signatureCredit: HubSpot

2. Share News

Got some news you’d like to share with your audience? Perhaps your company has been recognized for its accomplishments, or received a nomination or industry award. Spread the good news! Tag on to your email signature the link to the news article, blog post, or press release in which highlights your company news or headline. It’s sure to spark interest and result in higher traffic for your website.

Use your email signature to share news about your companyCredit: Sigstr.com

3. Include A Call To Action

One of the best capabilities of an email is that you can affix content that invites an actionable response. It’s clever, and personable. For example, including a CTA to a case study, white paper, webinar or to schedule a consultation, tells your audience that you’re easily reachable, available, and ready to help them. Concurrently, you can get recipients to share your content. 

Add a call to action to an email signatureCredit: HubSpot


4. Make It Look Social

While every email you send is an opportunity to acquire a new lead or customer, email signatures that drive conversions should never be without clickable social media icons. Being present (and active) on social media is no longer optional in today’s modern business world, so letting your audience know that you exist on various channels gives them the opportunity to connect with you on their favorite platform

Include social media in your email signatureCredit: Google Images

So you see, email is not dead - far from it. We are so fixated on writing the perfect message that we often forget about our email signature - they too can influence interactions, sometimes in a subtle way.

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