10 Stats That Profess Millennials' Love For Mobile

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Aug 10, 2015 11:59:34 AM


Millennials have grown up, which means they’re making more and more of their own buying decisions. But, unlike their parents and grandparents before them, they can’t be reached by many traditional marketing methods. Paper ads and billboards don’t hold as much sway with this generation; with Millennials, mobile marketing is the key to success. 
To appeal to Generation Y, marketers have to understand the perspective of a highly tech-savvy audience. Having been raised among the newest technological inventions, Millennials are at home with computers of all sorts, including smartphones. So, they’re much more likely to respond well to the types of marketing that capitalize on technology. These 10 stats prove Millennials' love for mobile: 

  1. More than 85% of Millennials in the US own smartphones (Nielsen).
  2. US Millennials use their smartphones 45 times a day (SDL).
  3. 78% of Millennials spend over 2 hours on their smartphones each day (CMO Council).
  4. The top app turn-off for Millennials is poor speed – 63% won’t use a slow app (Skyword).
  5. 49% won’t use an app with a poor layout.
  6. 35% won’t use an app with less functionality than the same company’s website on a computer.
  7. The ability that Millennials want most on mobile is the ability to make purchases.
  8. 67% of Millennials like receiving frequent updates from apps.
  9. 45% do most of their browsing on mobile (Millennial Marketing)
  10. Even in-store, 75% of Millennials use their smartphone as a shopping assistant.

If you want your brand to gain the support of Generation Y, be sure to take advantage of mobile marketing. Companies that know how to rock mobile marketing will be the ones to charm millennials and reap the benefits. So, be sure to stay ahead of the mobile marketing game so you can win over Millennials!

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