Top Marketing Campaigns Of The Subscription Era

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Feb 22, 2017 9:39:57 AM

Today's online buyer is no stranger to the subscription box. As more and more brands are implementing a subscription-style delivery service of niche products to their marketing strategy, the less trips people will be making to the mall. And for good reason! After all, who doesn't love receiving gifts right on their doorstep?

marketing campaignsBe it food, fashion, or cosmetics, subscription commerce adds value to a buyer's retail experience by catering to their specific needs and interests. It's a company's way of saying "we know you're busy, indecisive, or hesitant to purchase the full-size product, so here's some goodies curated just for you!" For every enthusiastic shopper on-the-go, this convenience is too good to pass. And with a slew of happy customers, companies prosper in sales and brand loyalty in return.

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Birchbox is a prime example of the founded success from the subscription box business model. Having launched this marketing tool in 2010, Birchbox has reached nearly 800,000 monthly subscribers and has since inspired other brands to jump on the subcom bandwagon. Take a gander at some marketing campaigns that score points in uniqueness, design, and user experience.

Top Marketing Campaigns Of The Subscription Era

  1. BarkBox

Just when you thought the joy of owning a dog couldn't get any cuter, there's BarkBox. With a website that wins in both creativity and functional design, dog-lovers can pamper their furry friend even more with a monthly package of toys, natural treats, and products, all "paw-picked" to give your dog a healthy, happier life. The campaign contributes donations to animal shelters and rescues.  

barkbox subscription box

Cost: Monthly payments of $29 OR annual membership for $239

Frequency: Monthly

  1. Love With Food

To promote healthy eating habits, every Love With Food box comes curated with elements of discovery and convenience for your personal snacking needs, or for the office kitchen! This marketing campaign caters to the specific needs of the average consumer who doesn't have the time, insight, or incentive to plan a smart snacking regime containing organic and gluten-free products. A great user experience offers options to the customer. In this case, buyers can choose from 3 different boxes, and what's more is every purchase is donated to a food bank in the U.S.

Love With Food subscription box

Cost: Starting from $8/month

Frequency: Monthly

  1. Bluum

If you're not a fan of surprises (though, it's still offered as an option), a successful marketing strategy thinks like a user and allows them to have total control at building their own box. Covering everything from pregnancy and parenthood, to babies and preschool, Bluum helps overwhelmed new moms by sharing the best products out there (applicable up until age 5). Marketing campaigns that show passion for a niche in an appealing way get buyers coming back for more.

Bluum subcom

Cost: $34/month or other options

Frequency: Monthly

  1. Stitch Fix Men

Any business that can save you both time and money wins big. Add in a seamless online customer experience and you're crushing the marketing game.  Boasting both functional design and simplicity, Stitch Fix Men clearly outlines an easy 3-step process and pricing options that will get your personal stylist straight to work on your box containing 5-pieces of clothing - no subscription required.     

StitchFixMen no subscription required

Cost: Upfront styling fee of $20. This is credited towards any purchase you make from your box.

Frequency: As needed

  1. Plonk Wine Club

For the wine aficionado, send a special gift, stock up your office fridge, or indulge yourself with 2, 4, or 12 boutique wine bottles from around the world. Building trust between your brand and customers plays an integral role in any business strategy which is why it's important to develop a dedicated blog that shares tips and tricks related to the industry, or in this case, an introductory page about your personal curator.

Plonk Wine Club subscription box

Cost: Starting from $50/month

Frequency: Monthly

  1. The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe marketing campaignsEmail marketing is a gateway to a prospect's inbox after they've opted in to receive products, services, and offers tailored to their interests. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing accounts for 3800% ROI and $38 for every $1 spent. Targeting your email list at just the right time brings value and effectiveness to your email marketing campaigns. Though not a subscription box model, The Boston Globe leaped on the New England Patriot's Super Bowl 2017 victory by enticing their newsletter subscribers to a limited time special offer. An event-triggered campaign (not to mention an historic event) boosts product sales and conversions big time!

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More Marketing Campaign Strategies

referral programCustomer acquisition doesn't start and end with your fabulous product. When it comes to building your brand, use content to create a snowball effect; blog posts, videos, and social media posts can be published throughout your channels to generate and foster leads. A popular tactic to gaining more customers is applying the referral program to your subscription box. Essentially, a referral reward presents an exchange, a way to promote products and services to new customers through word of mouth. For example, your customer is 84% more likely to trust a recommendation from friends and family than any other form of advertising (Nielsen).

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