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Feb 24, 2017 9:33:50 AM

Happy Friday, readers! If you’re located in Boston and reading this from your desktop, get outside! Today is a balmy 64 degrees and yesterday we hit a February record high of 68 degrees.

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Now, for this week's news…

A Good Influence On Your Marketing

The term 'micro-influencer' has been buzzing around the digital marketing world for some time now. While consumers are   more discerning about what they read, watch and subscribe to, more and more marketers are finally turning to influencer marketing to engage their audience. A micro-influencer is defined as someone who has 1,000 to 100,000 followers. But is that enough to make an impact on your ranking? Turns out it is. Micro-influencers are actually 4x more likely to get a comment on a post than macro-influencers. Maybe it’s because they form more personal relationships with their followers, or perhaps millennials crave a more “authentic” experience. So marketers, if your ads are getting blocked or you’re just not getting the attention you want, maybe it’s time to network with an influencer who can get on board with your brand.

Millennials Take Ownership

Millennials and OwnershipJust when we thought we had millennials all figured out! When it comes down to ownership, millennials are misunderstood. It turns out that the majority of Gen Y owns a home and 88% of those who do not, plan on buying a home some day. Nearly 80% own cars. For millennials, ownership doesn’t seem to be the real issue at hand; it’s mobility. Whether they’re moving their location or transition careers, millennials like flexibility. Speaking of mobile, anyone want to take a guess what the #1 purchase for millennials is. (Answer is at the bottom of this post).

Company Culture Fail at Uber

Climbing to the top has come at the cost of Uber’s office culture. Many Uber employees have less than positive things to say about working for the $70 billion company. In a revelation of interviews with more than 30 past and present employees including internal emails and recorded meetings, an ugly picture of discrimination and overall aggressive, dog-eat-dog mentality is clearly painted. Susan Fowler, a former Uber engineer, wrote a jolting blog post in December in which she shares her history of discrimination and sexual harassment while working at the company, behavior that went unaddressed and unpunished by human resources. Since Fowler’s blog post, some Uber employees reported that they plan to leave the company.

A Stellar Neighbor

Solar SystemAstronomers have just discovered a solar system containing 7 rocky, Earth-sized planets. Astronomers say the qualities of the solar system including its proximity to Earth and its planets' proportion to the star, make it an appealing study. The planets could have liquid water and the potential for life. TRAPPIST-1, the solar system’s star, is a baby compared to the sun; if there isn’t life yet, there’s plenty of time for it to evolve.

Enjoy catching up on movies this weekend before the Awards on Sunday

Oh, and you guessed it; 98% of millennials own a smartphone!

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