Top 10 Offices of 2015

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Jan 11, 2016 4:37:27 PM

The majority of us have worked for a variety of different companies so it’s no secret that a healthy work environment is important for productivity, but is it possible to work in so unique of an office that it gets distracting? These top 10 offices of 2015 test that theory. Each one is unlike anything anyone has ever seen, but they are all places we could see ourselves vacationing in. Coolest-Offices-Of-2015.jpg

1. Selgas Cano – Madrid

This is one of the largest companies in the world, but their office space is not what one would think it to be. It’s located in the woods right outside Madrid, Spain and is built into the ground. Its long, thin shape gives it a tunnel feel, but plenty of sunlight pours in since half of the office is transparent. The other half provides shade when needed by use of a dark overhang. To anyone who likes a look-don’t-touch relationship with nature, this is your dream office.

2. Red Bull – Cape Town

It’s thought that Red Bull gives you wings, but in this case it gives you a reason to go to work. This office, located in the beautiful South African city of Cape Town, combines industrial chic with athletic grunge. There are ceilings with exposed pipes and support beams just like you would find in a warehouse, but they are painted black and play into the sports theme that the energy drink clings to. Along the walls there is drool-worthy sports memorabilia and if you feel the need to take a break from basking in their glory, there is a race car simulator you can play. As if we needed another reason to love this office, there are multiple walls that are shelved with energy drinks that employees are welcome to take. If you find yourself in Cape Town, definitely check this one out!

3. Pixar - Emeryville

Pixar puts out an enormity of entertaining work each year so if it didn’t have the office to reflect it's creativity it would almost be as sad as the fact that we still don't have an Incredibles sequel. When you walk into their lobby, the first thing you notice is the life-size versions of everyone's favorite Pixar characters. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by Sully and Mike Wazowski? The whimsy continues on throughout the rest of the building. If you work as an animator, you are encouraged to decorate your office anyway you’d like, which makes for an interesting walk to the bathroom. Some go so far as to build tiki huts around their desks! When employees aren’t in their crazy offices, they might be basking in some of the amenities Pixar provides. For example, the grounds hosts both a basketball court and a pool. No wonder their minds are able to stay so fresh and creative!

4. Airbnb – San Francisco

Airbnb can take you all over the world, and I’m not just talking about their app. Their newly renovated San Francisco office provides a great representation of the brand that we all know and love. Each office provides a different theme that represents the variety of aumostpheres they host. You can spend your day in a minimalists office and the next day in a log cabin office without leaving the building. What a great way to up productivity in the workplace!

5. Lucasfilm - Multiple Locations

If you’re a major Star Wars fan, the decorations at the different Lucasfilm locations will make you believe you’ve passed out and woken up in a galaxy far far away. With statues of legendary characters like Yoda scattered around the offices, it’s hard to forget who you’re truly working for. Each campus is named for a different aspect of Star Wars, from the Skywalker Ranch in Marin to the Sandcrawler building in Singapore. They are great office spaces to be inspired by and to learn new and interesting things.

6. Deloitte – Amsterdam

This building seems pretty normal to people who don’t know any better, but in reality it is the most sustainable office building in the world! It’s so impressive that the building itself has a name – ‘The Edge’. It sounds like a super villain, but in reality it is truly heroic. The edge provides its own energy and reuses rainwater for all of it’s plumbing needs. Who knows, with it being so self-sufficient it just might get up and walk away one day. I mean, even the lights are able to monitor energy usage. Now that is an impressive office.

7.Bahnhof Data Center - Stockholm

The architect of this office might have taken a page out of The Lord Of The Rings when he decided to build this space within a mountain. When I say ‘in’ a mountain, I don’t mean one side of the building is formed with the mountain wall like you see with some houses. What I mean is that this office is completely submerged in a mountain. The name of the mountain is Pionen and was originally used as a nuclear bomb shelter until it was converted. Now, it contains waterfalls, gardens, and simulated daylight. There's a rumor that the intentions behind the architect were to mirror a Bond villain’s layer. You can clearly see why this rumor started. It houses a mere 15 full-time employees who will carry the burden of being the last people on earth if Armageddon ever were to break out.

8. Inventionland – Pittsburgh

Inventionland is one of the most unique and adventurous offices in the world. When you think of inventions, it’s important to think about creativity and this large shared work space definitely plays into that. The room that makes up the majority of the warehouse space contains life-like replicas of toys and adventurous lands. In different corners you can find a pirate ship, a tree house, and a castle. Though the company has suffered a lot of bad press throughout the years, once you take a walk through the bookcase that subs as a door, you can’t help but be in awe.

9. Google – Mountain View

At this point I think everyone has heard of the Googleplex, Google’s headquarters in California, but what would be an amazing office list without it? Noted as the best place to work by multiple outlets, Googleplex provides an assortment of recreational activities. There is a volleyball court, multiple tennis courts, soccer fields, frisbee golf, and a statue garden. Not to mention there are two greenhouses that grow the cafeteria’s food supply. It’s a wonder how anyone gets any work done or, on the flip side of that, how anyone has time to use any of these illustrious features since business seems to constantly be booming.

10. Coboat – Ocean

This last one is a little different than the rest, but just as exciting, if not more so. There has been a large surge in shared office spaces for growing companies, but what if you could take your office out to sea? Well grab some boat shoes because now you can! 82 foot catamarans have been converted into the office on the go. They have Wi-Fi, power plugs, and relaxation all rolled into one. Though I can’t promise great cell reception, there’s always the message in the bottle technique.

With a new generation entering the workforce, these offices are sure to catch their eye. Check out other ways to grab their attention!

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