This Week's Prominent Post-Its

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May 6, 2016 11:02:54 AM

This week there have been a lot of parties, both political and celebrity-based so there have been some stories to tell. Not to mention the giant waves being made in the political world this week. For all of the facts, here are this week’s prominent post-its!This Week's Prominent Post-Its

And Then There Was One

Here we go everyone, this is going to be one of America’s most intense fight for the White House. On the Republican side, the nomination has been determined as Donald Trump since he is now running unopposed. On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton is about to take out Bernie Sanders. There are many Democrats who greatly dislike Hillary and many Republicans who are disgusted by Donald Trump so a lot of people are seeing this as a lesser evil option. Clinton has released the first attack ad against Trump and it is relentless. This may be an indication of how the race will go. So get ready for a lot of bullying and strong-arming from both sides.

The Canadian Heat

Alberta, Canada declared a state of emergency on Wednesday as a huge forest fire ripped through the city of Fort McMurray. It’s predicted that more than 25,000 people are going to be airlifted out. That’s in addition to the 8,000 residents who have already been rescued. At the moment, 1600 homes have be damaged and 80,000 people have fled the city. The fire stands at 330 square miles so the main focus right now is getting people to safety. Lately there have been large surges of wildfires across North America. There are two different factors that have impacted their existence. One being the extremely warm winter conditions we faced this year. The lack of snow and cold air caused the forests to dry up even more than usual. Another being the build up of forest debris. When a fire consumes a forest, what it’s doing is cleaning it and replenishing the soil. If small wildfires are put out too soon, the forests don’t have a chance to burn that debris and overtime it builds up until giant wildfires break out. That’s why controlled fires are so important. Otherwise, we end up with this.

Tech Gala, Hold The Techies 

The Met Gala brought out the futuristic fashionistas in the celebrity world. This year’s theme was manus x machina in hopes that technology would drive the wardrobe choices. The event was MC’d by Taylor Swift and Idris Elba, but the biggest entertainment happened when Taylor Swift was videoed intensely dancing with Tom Hiddleston. As you can imagine, it took 2.5 seconds for it to go viral. All we can say is they have some moves! But for those of us who aren’t cool enough to be invited, we patiently waited for the best and worst dressed lists to come out. If you haven’t heard about Claire Dane’s dress, you must watch the surprise feature it contains! It will light up your day.

Mic. Dropped.

President Obama hosted his final White House Correspondents Dinner this week. And it was a star-studded event. There was a mixture of celebrities and everyone else who wondered why there were celebrities at a political event. The person who made waves was Larry Wilmore when he gave a very controversial speech. His intentions were good, but he may have forgotten who made up his audience. The other person who made waves was the President himself. For his final speech, he ended it with a literal mic drop. We can only picture Malia and Sasha face palming in embarrassment. But never the less, it was a pretty cool move to end an interesting night.   

Google Lawsuit #8.8 Billion

Next week is the big lawsuit for Google and Oracle. How big? Try $8.8 billion big. Oracle claims that Google violated copyright laws by using Java programming language for the Android operating system. Google claims that the fair use law makes it legal. This may sound detrimental to the tech company if Oracle was to win, but considering Google took in $75 billion last year alone, they can probably take the hit. The one thing that might impact Google is if Oracle finds a way to gain an ongoing payment. The ruling should happen this week in San Francisco so keep an eye out.

So that is what happened this week in the world! Many stories being written and moves being made and we’re sure there will be more to discuss next week so meet us back here next Friday for some fun.

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