How To Write Exceptional Promotional Emails

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May 9, 2016 10:46:19 AM

Promotional emails are the backbone of marketing. But how do you execute them so that they stand out from all the other messages cluttering peoples’ inboxes?How To Write Exceptional Promotional Emails

Sexy Subject Lines

Before we even get to the heart of the email, the first step is to create sexy subject lines that entice readers to open your message. Think clever, not spammy, which will land you in the spam folder or the trash. Here is a comparison of two I recently received:

Inspiring Women with Soul: A Unique Gathering for You.

Webinar Replay & Related Resources

The first one sounds more exciting and personal, whereas the second one is not only boring, but does not even tell me the webinar topic. Creating excitement in the subject line increases open and click through rates. Incidentally, they did both contain beneficial information, but I was much more inclined to read the first one.

Looks Matter

There was a time when promotional emails were essentially endless lines of text with a few bold call outs. Luckily, you are no longer trapped in the confines of text-only and can really make your message stand out­ with images and video capabilities.

Once a reader does open your email, you want them to react and respond to the content, so make it interactive and informative for best results. Choose an image that makes your offer stand out and makes contextual sense. Retailers tend to excel at this so don’t hesitate to look to different industries for inspiration.

Timing And Frequency

The timing and frequency of promotional emails are often discussed and debated. Despite revealing industry guidelines, remember to yield to your specific clients wants. Sending too many can lead prospects to unsubscribe while too few means they can forget about you. Use buyer personas and the stages of the sales journey to pinpoint the best schedule for your leads. Plus, always test and measure results.

Content Criteria

Once you get into the actual email content, jump right in with entertaining and informative language. Even if the subject matter is serious, no one is going to be drawn in by stale, boring language. You want them to keep reading and either click through or forward your message.

There are two schools of thought on headlines and really, I think it is a personal choice. But, if you do use a headline create one that is engaging and echoes the sentiment of the subject like that you used—they need not be identical, but should echo one another.

And, when you are writing, keep it short and sweet—no novella length emails. If you have a long, detailed message to write, grab readers with one or two powerful paragraphs and inspire them to read more on your blog or website (click through).

Direct Action

A clear call to action (CTA) is mission critical for promotional emails. No only should it be visually noticeable, the language must also direct readers to the next step. And, if you are offering information that they need or a solution to their problem, they will take that next step.


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Make it EASY for them to find what they are looking for and to see what’s in it for them. Links are not only essential to the CTA, but to the overall success of the email campaign as a whole. Link to landing pages from text and images to measure success.

Now that you know how to write exceptional promotional emails, get out there and start working on them! For more information on gathering and measuring results, download this free guide to inbound marketing 101 today!

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