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Feb 12, 2016 11:53:09 AM

This week we got a little bit of everything. From celebrities lashing out to scientists jumping for joy, it has definitely been an interesting time in the news. If you missed out on all the juicy details, don’t worry. Here are your prominent post-its for the week:post_it_news-512893-edited.jpg

Einstein’s Still Making Waves And Taking Names

Another piece of Einstein’s theory of relativity has been proven! He claimed that when things in space, like black holes, collide, they cause gravitational waves. Thursday an announcement was made that scientists were finally able to capture those waves after closely following the pattern of two black holes on a distrcutive crash course. This discovery opens up a new way to study space activity as well as sheds some more light on other aspects of Einstein’s theory. It’s incredible how this man has been dead for over 50 years yet he’s still showing everyone else up. Can anyone say life and death goals?

New Hampshire Sets A Prime Example

Tuesday was the first Primary to rock the United States. It was also the first big snowstorm of the season. People thought that voters might be deterred, but clearly those people were not from New England. Streets all over the state were backed up for miles as a record number of voters showed up to the polls. For the Republicans, Donald Trump won over both the superdelegates and the popular vote, while the democrats watched Bernie Sanders take the popular vote and Hillary Clinton come in strong with the superdelegates' votes. That leaves Trump in the lead with Bernie and Clinton tied. If this is any indication of this year’s political race, get out those stress balls because we are in for an anxiety-driven 2016.

Peyton Manning Put A Ring On It

The Super Bowl was this past Sunday and much to the Panthers surprise, the Broncos pulled it off! With an astounding 25-10 win, the Panthers were completely off their game and the Broncos took advantage. Payton Manning, the Broncos quarterback, has been dealing with injuries for the past few seasons so it’s been speculated that this would be his last chance to grab another ring. While you wait for an announcement on his retirement, take a look at the post Super Bowl reaction from his brother Eli Manning, quarterback for the Giants, here. What was his reasoning for such a face? He claims that he was trying to do math in his head. It’s okay Eli, you still get to go home to your millions of dollars.

Justice Has Been Served

On Wednesday the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Ferguson, MO. Yes this is the same Ferguson, MO that saw an outbreak in riotes in 2014 after an unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a white cop. 7 months after the riots an investigation went on to determine the status of their police and court systems, and the Justices were not happy with all of the racism they found. They struck a deal with the city saying it needs to clean up its act or else it would be penalized. Though the city agreed, they were hesitant and later attempted to make amendments to it in hopes of saving some money. The outcome: Ferguson got served. So keep an eye out for the Justice Department vs. Ferguson Police/Court System match because Loretta Lynch is on the case!

Krazy Kanye

Oh my, he has definitely done it again. On the heels of his fashion show, Kanye West has been sparking controversy left and right. Last week he took to twitter to rant about Wiz Khalifa and ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, going so far as to insult their child. Let it be known though that he has since apologized to Wiz. This week though, his fashion show debuted songs from his new album that posed some questionable lyrics. What should have been a powerful message of inspiration quickly turned south when a slew of lyrics insulting Taylor Swift rang out. Bring in the squad this is going to get rough! All over instagram and twitter, Taylor’s famous friends are vocalizing their distaste for what Kanye did. He now fights back that she okayed the lyrics, but Taylor’s rep says she was never made aware of what the specific reference was, but was asked to release it on her Twitter page to which she responded no and warned him about the misogynistic tones he used. Whether this will fizzle out or is just the beginning of another feud, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now that you’re all caught up, you can relax this weekend knowing you have some good small talk in your repertoire. Let us know what you think of everything that’s been going on this week. Now go get your Friday on!

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