Summer 2017 Google Updates

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Jul 26, 2017 10:26:11 AM

In case you didn’t already know, Google likes to update their algorithm - a lot. And they don’t always let us know when that happens. So trying to keep up with all of the Google updates and adjusting SEO and marketing strategy accordingly is no small task. Google Updates

Understanding and staying on top of SEO best practices is important to keep your marketing strategy moving forward by attracting the right visitors and leads to your website. Although Google is unlikely to confirm algorithm updates, sites like Moz do track changes, and Google will announce certain new features. 

There have been quite a few Google updates in 2017 so far. These are some of the top changes from June.

Google For Jobs

Google is making it easier for people to search for and find job postings. Google Product Manager Nick Zakrasek wrote on June 20, “Starting today in English on desktop and mobile, when you search for ‘jobs near me,’ ‘teaching jobs,’ or similar job-seeking queries, you’ll see in-depth results that allow you to explore jobs from across the web.”

Results will also include information like reviews of the company and a searcher’s potential commute time, with additional filters to come.

Ad Blocking Features

In inbound marketing, we believe in creating content that people are interested in and moving away from traditional outbound marketing tactics like cold calling and print advertising. However, as consumers have moved online, ads have followed, and they aren’t all bad.

Google is taking up the fight against intrusive and annoying online ads that interrupt a visitor’s content consumption, and announced on June 1 that they have joined the Coalition for Better Ads. Google has also published a best practices guide so that advertisers know what changes to make.

June 25 Algorithm Update

Search Engine Land reports that a significant update likely occurred on June 25 that mostly impacted sites with ranking positions between 6-10. Nothing has been confirmed, of course, and so far what exactly has been updated isn’t clear. This is one to keep an eye on as webmasters and SEOs work out what has happened.

Search Filters For Images On Mobile

This update allows you to narrow your image search with filters listed directly below the search box on mobile. Filters include gif, hd and clip art, as well as color options and more detailed categories.  

Google My Business

Google My Business allows businesses to create a listing to show up in results in Search and Maps as a local option. Now within these listings, local businesses can post updates, special offers, new products, and events to help attract customers. This content will appear directly in the search results along with the business listing. It’s almost like a social media post for search.  Previously, this feature was only available to celebrities, sports teams, movie studios, and museums.

The End Of Inbox Scanning

With this one of the Google updates, users of the free version of Gmail will no longer have their inboxes scanned for ad personalization. Ad personalization can be disabled in a user’s settings, Google announced on June 23, making it so that emails are no longer scanned for data to be used to target ads. G Suite users have never been subject to inbox scanning, and that will remain the same.

Over 1.2 billion people use Gmail. User privacy and security are a top priority for Google.

“Not Secure” Warning

Look out HTTP sites. This is one of the Google updates to get prepared for. Starting in October, Chrome will show a “not secure” warning next to insecure HTTP pages. Although this hasn’t launched yet, now is the time to get your site secured on HTTPS, or run the risk of losing visitors. This designation is important because it protects visitors from potential hackers by encrypting their connection to keep data secure.

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