Prominent Post-Its

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Jan 27, 2017 9:47:53 AM

Happy Friday, All!Prominent Post-Its

You made it. Here’s some news that you may or may not have heard this week. Hope we provide food for thought as well as some light lunchtime banter.


Too Many Tweets Got You Like, Woah?

Twitter is still trying to figure out how to cut through the noise for its users. The social media platform is rolling out Explore over the next few weeks, a tab intended to bring breaking news, trending topics and perhaps a few special memes that help you catch up on some of the most important stories from the day.

Is your company leveraging this real-time network to engage with its audience? Need some help? We’re here for you.

Here are some features we recommend trying to keep your brand top of mind:

  • Pin a tweet to your timeline.
  • Twitter Poll - take ours now to learn firsthand!
  • Twitter Live

A Good Reason To Buy Your Morning Venti LatteStarbucks

Starbucks is brewing up a diverse board of directors. It announced last week that it plans to hire three new directors which would round off its board to 29 percent female and 36 percent ethnic minority, a stark contrast to the national average. The board also boasts a range of ages from millennials to baby boomers (Generation Z, you’ll have to wait your turn). Diversity brings different perspectives and moves us all to think beyond our usual, limited space of mind. It doesn’t end with race or gender; diversity encompasses everything from where someone was educated to how they process information.


Finding Sanctuary

Finishing out Week 1 of his presidency, Trump is already making waves. He signed an executive order which would cut federal funding to cities who shelter illegal immigrants. Several public officials, including Boston’s own Mayor Walsh, are saying, “No way,” threatening to take the White House to court if funding is withheld.


Cock-a-doodle-doo Chinese New Year

Tomorrow, January 28, marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, which welcomes the year of the Rooster. During this 15-day festival, hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens embark on trips out of the city to spend time with family members and friends. Aside from the Asian countries that celebrate (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia), San Francisco and London are known to ring in the Chinese New Year.


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