Outsourcing Content vs. Keeping It In-House

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Sep 15, 2014 3:27:00 PM

Many businesses struggle with the decision of whether to have their content created in-house or through an outside agency. There are pros and cons to both, but the decision will ultimately come down to what will get you the most relevant content solutions for your desired audience. No business wants to waste time creating material that is ineffectual.

Here are some factors to keep in mind as you consider outsourcing your content vs. keeping it in-house


It's hard at first to argue against the money saved by keeping things internal, as the expenditure of commissioning an outside agency to produce your content is eliminated. But consider this: Is this truly cost-effective in the long run? This up-front savings manuever can easily be offset by the time and effort spent on content that just doesn't serve the needs of your audience.

Content marketing agencies are well-versed in content strategies, while in-house marketing departments often have a product/services focus. They may be good at developing promotional tactics, but do they understand what people are looking for in online content? Effective content involves a unique comprehension of buyer personas. While a marketing department may have a target audience in mind, do they have a true illustration of their online behavior and motivations? Content agencies have expert knowledge when it comes to this.

Control of the message

There is a certain comfort in knowing exactly what your company puts out there on a daily basis. But this control can come at the expense of an unbiased perspective. It's essential to get a fresh take on the market so you can maintain relevance. Perhaps people have a certain perception of your brand that you weren't aware of, or maybe there are new trends in digital consumption. Having someone on the outside can ensure that your company's finger is always on the pulse. 

Plus, content agencies always work to ensure that your messages are resonating. They are constantly evaluating their results and refining their craft so that you're getting something impactful. Having an outside perspective can help you avoid being tone-deaf to your audience.

Getting content team up to speed

Assigning from within means that you have people who already know your product backwards and front and are well-versed in your industry. But this is just another short-term gain. It's worth it to educate an outside agency on your company's goals, products/services, and industry position. They're getting paid to become experts on your business, and that investment will pay off in the form of exciting new material. 

Making a long-term investment in an agency that specializes in content can pay huge dividends. Invite someone to participate in the evolving story of your brand—chances are you will see content solutions that you couldn't have created on your own. 

Whether it be emails, whitepapers, or eBooks, all of your content must be dynamic based on indivual leads. To learn more about how to serve people the right material at the right time download the free e-book below:  

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