Is Hiring An Inbound Marketing Agency Cost Effective?

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Dec 12, 2016 12:28:45 PM

For most businesses, the bottom line is a key factor when making a decision; “how much is this going to cost?” Working with an agency might not always be an inexpensive option, but at the same time you might be wondering if hiring an inbound marketing firm is worth it. After all, your top marketing priority is to meet your ROI goals. is hiring an inbound marketing agency cost effective?

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Here are some reasons why hiring an agency can actually be cost effective. 

Stay Focused

Think about your current team. Whether it includes marketing or not, employees have long to-do lists and responsibilities to manage. If you’re asking people to add on marketing duties to their current role, it could be hurting the company in several ways. First, inbound marketing requires consistency. You won’t get the results you want without putting in the effort. Next, the people on your team were hired to do a certain job, and asking them to write a blog post or help with social media is taking them away from their principle roles. If you don’t have the staff to handle all of your marketing needs, an agency might be a good option. 

Good Talent Is Hard To Find

Asking your current team members to pitch in and help with marketing may not be the best solution. You might consider hiring someone to handle your marketing. This is definitely a viable option. The total cost of a new hire, however, should be taken into account. A full-time employee includes the cost to find and interview people, along with additional costs, such as benefits, office supplies, vacation, sick time, and training. 

Having a person responsible for marketing in-house does have its advantages, however. They’ll get to know your company and product well, and they will be easily accessible for updates. But, a small in-house team or single person may not be experts in all of the areas you want for your marketing, making it necessary to hire additional people or freelancers to fill in the gaps. 

With an inbound marketing agency, you get a full team for the cost of a monthly retainer, less than it would cost to hire additional people for your in-house team. 

Call In An Expert 

There are few things worse than taking your car into the shop, so if you’re handy, you might try to take care of things yourself. Sure, you can swap a flat tire and maybe change the oil, but if something is wrong with the engine, it just makes sense to go to a pro. Hiring an expert can seem to cost more money up front, but oftentimes, it actually saves you money overall. With an inbound marketing agency, you benefit from their expertise. Since marketing is their specialty, they will already have a sense of what strategies may work for your company, saving you some of the trial and error you would experience on your own.   

An agency will also handle all of the details, so you don’t have to worry about lining up the graphic designer or assigning someone to write a blog post, which just leaves you with the finished product (rather than watching how the sausage gets made). 

Stay Ahead With Technology 

There are plenty of marketing tools available, many of which are free. However, your inbound marketing agency is already using high quality platforms effectively for their clients, saving you from either going without them, or facing a pricey investment. While your agency will use these tools to facilitate the work they do for your company, you may also receive access to certain platforms.

Improve Your Current Marketing 

An agency can evaluate your current marketing efforts, along with your website, social media accounts and blog, to see what is working and where there is room for improvement. This will keep your company from spending money on campaigns that aren’t delivering real results. You can then use this information to develop more targeted strategies and allocate resources appropriately. 

Although hiring an inbound marketing agency is an investment, it can also be a cost effective solution for your company's marketing needs and goals,, making it worth your while.

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