Inbound Best Practices: Thank You Pages

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Aug 14, 2014 10:18:00 AM

Have you successfully converted a lead with a landing page offer? Nice job! But your work isn't finished. As a follow-up to a lead form submission, you should always include a thank you page, which is a website page that appears after someone has converted by filling out the contact information form in exchange for an offer. Thank you pages help you to qualify sales leads, decrease your website's bounce rate, and maintain lead engagement with your company. Follow these best practices to improve your company's thank you pages! 
1. Bring back the navigation

To avoid distracting prospects while filling out your offer form, you should have removed your website navigation menu from the landing page. But now that the visitor has become a lead, the thank you page is a great opportunity to encourage further exploration of your website. Bring back the navigation menu so that new leads can continue to look around after they've converted!

2. Outline expectations
If you haven't already, tell your new lead how and when they will receive your offer. If it was a top of the funnel offer, you should include the download link for immediate access on the thank you page itself. For middle or bottom of the funnel offers, you can let leads know when they can expect to get their free sample, be contacted for a price estimate, etc., as these offers are often not readily available at the moment of conversion (as an eBook would be). You should also take this opportunity to emphasize the value of the offer by reiterating the benefits that you promised them on your landing page. Did they just become a member of a community of followers? Are they about to save a lot of money? Learn something that will make them better at their jobs? Whatever it is, remind your new leads why they should be excited! 

3. Connect and share over social media
Include social media buttons on your thank you pages, and tell your leads how they will benefit from following your company's social media pages, whether it's through hearing about special deals, getting the latest company updates, or finding more helpful content.

4. Bring leads down the funnel
Include CTAs and forms for other downloads or offers on your thank you pages to bring leads further down the sales funnel. If the lead converted at the top of the funnel, add a middle or bottom of the funnel offer that relates to the offer that they just took. You can also direct leads to other relevant content on your website by suggesting a popular blog post or whitepaper that compliments their most recent download or sign-up. 

5. Promote a webinar or event
If you have an upcoming webinar, seminar, or event that relates to an offer, promote it on your thank you page! Leads may be interested in learning more about your company, product, or industry in general after converting, so suggest ways that they can get involved.

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6. Say it like you mean it! 

A simple "thank you" isn't enough. Even though your new leads are not yet a customers, you should start treating them as if they are right now. Making a good first impression is important, so let them know how much you appreciate their interest in your offer! 

And remember, after you’ve created your thank you page make sure to add its URL to the forms actions of its associated landing page, or else leads won’t see it! Ask someone at your company to check that all thank you page links work and that the promised content is delivered correctly.

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