How to Use Video Engagement to Segment and Nurture Leads with Wistia & HubSpot

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Sep 9, 2015 4:30:00 PM
HubSpot is marketing software designed to help increase leads and drive better engagement using the inbound marketing methodology – which HubSpot invented, after all! So, it makes sense that Wista, a professional video hosting tool with incredibly detailed video analytics and video marketing tools to help you better leverage your video assets, is taking all of its video viewing data and integrating with HubSpot to better segment and nurture leads. This is just one of the many new integrations launching with the brand new HubSpot Connect. Here, we’ll focus on the Wistia integration, but make sure to check out the other awesome integrations, too! This integration illustrates the importance of video engagement when it comes to analyzing data and, then, refining your marketing methods, simply because video is the best method for engaging people today. So, let’s take a closer look at this Wistia-HubSpot match made in marketing heaven to better understand how it all works.Once you enable the integration, all of your video viewing data from Wistia will start passing into HubSpot automatically. The integration is powerful in many ways and can really help you maximize your lead generation efforts from your video marketing and see how effective each of your videos are to your overall digital marketing strategy. But, the big question is how? Here’s what happens:
  • Gather Data with Heatmaps: Video heatmaps will appear in prospect timelines for your salespeople to reference. This is incredibly powerful to a sales person because they can see if video assets such as a demo or webinar have been watched fully, partially, or maybe not at all. This gives them a much better understanding of the person on the other end of the line when they make that sales call.
  • Segment with Smart Lists: Smart lists can be made to identify and nurture prospects with specific viewing behavior. For example, you can segment leads if they have watched a specific video and use that information to add them to a new automation campaign, trigger a sales rep, and more.
  • Enable Lead Scoring: Lead scoring can be customized to take video views into consideration when scoring each of the leads in your database. For example, you can increase lead scores by a certain number of points when someone watches your demo video. 
  • Measure Video Engagement: When you host your videos on Wistia, you can measure the engagement of the video. This gives you insight into how long individuals are watching your videos, if they are rewinding back to certain sections, and even if they abandon the video at a certain point.  You can use this information to tailor your videos to make sure they are the appropriate length for your personas.
  • Add Annotations: There is a new feature in Wistia that allows you to add an annotation to your videos. What this means is that when you see people are typically abandoning the video, you can have a link pop up on the video to bring them to another relevant piece of content, such as a blog, e-book, another video, etc. This allows you to re-engage individuals when you know they are likely to abandon the page.
  • Enable Calls-to-Action: You may be familiar with calls-to-action on your website, but Wistia's calls-to-action are a little bit different. Through calls-to-action, you can choose to gate your videos by asking people to provide an email address prior to watching (this would then go into HubSpot as a contact). You can also use calls-to-action at the end of a video to bring people to a new piece of contact, request a demo, or just view your full video page. This keeps people further engaged after the video is complete.
  • Trigger Marketing Automation: Based on the above analytics (how long someone watches a video, their lead score, what smart lists they are now a part of, etc.) you can start to trigger marketing automation emails to bring these prospects further through the marketing funnel.
Video marketing can be a powerful tool for your marketing strategy. When used correctly, it gives you a completely new way to engage with leads who may be more visual and want to watch a quick snippet of video rather than read a blog or whitepaper. You can also use these videos to enhance your online assets by making them more dynamic through video marketing. When it comes to video analytics, remember that that video is best done in the context of your larger marketing efforts. So, combining Wistia and HubSpot will allow you to see and control how video interacts with the rest of your marketing.

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