4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Explainer Video

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Sep 22, 2014 2:29:00 PM

If you have a grand vision for your business, you obviously want it conveyed on your website in the best way possible. So you hire a copywriter to write a script that explains your products and services, describes the type of people you help, and lays out your company's goals and aspirations. The hope is that this will inspire a visitor to interact with your business.

But plain old text doesn't always cut it. If you feel like you aren't converting enough visitors into leads, you should consider creating an explainer video. Defined simply, this video quickly illustrates what your business does and how you help customers. Here are some of the key benefits: 

1) People are more likely to find you

With web video consumption on the rise, search engines are increasingly pointing towards video content. Some food for thought: YouTube is the second most popular search engine. That should tell you what type of content people are looking for.  

2) A increase in conversion rates

A survey shows that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product or service once they've seen an explainer video.

3) Videos are sharable

An explainer video is easier to share on social media than text manifestos. If you make a video that is unique and even humorous, people will be more likely to spread it around. Dollar Shave Club made a pretty legendary explainer video that got over 16 million views.

4) Better Comprehension

A statistic shows that videos increase knowledge retention by 25% to 60%. If you want to make it easier to understand your message, give them an engaging visual and capture their senses.

5) They convey personality

A clever video gives your company the opportunity to show some humanity. You could introduce your wonderful employees and give the viewer an intimate glimpse into your business.

Excited to get started on your video? Word Stream provides this step-by-step outline of a script that should help get you on your way!

Order of Script

1. What your product/service does

2. Introduce the problem

3. Answer the problem with your solution

4. Call-to-action (what the viewer should do next) 

5. Broadcast your trust signals (awards, clients, etc.)

Happy videotaping! If you need more help developing the right material for your website, feel free to download the infographic below on smart content. 

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