How to Generate More Blog Subscribers Than You Know What To Do With

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May 4, 2017 10:16:45 AM

Blog subscribers play an important role to your business, and the more you have, the better. Your main goal in offering value to your email list is to convert leads into buying customers. And when email subscribers are nurtured,  47% of them tend to make larger purchases than ones that aren't nurtured. Generate More Blog Subscribers

A surging email list of blog subscribers has benefits:

  • Your content becomes the go-to source for information
  • You build a stronger relationship with subscribers
  • You build trust and recognition among subscribers who are, thus, more likely to purchase from you than an ordinary website visitor

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It's important to utilize proven techniques that help to leverage your blog as a tool to generate more subscribers. Building an image through content requires focus and strategy in order to boost revenue and bolster your inbound marketing; in this case, it's also a mission in becoming your reader's favorite blog or top source of information. Here are just a few of many techniques you can build on.

How to Generate More Blog Subscribers

First, Get Your Blog Rolling

If you're in the early stages of blogging, you'll probably want to focus your efforts on getting your blog posts discovered. This might take a while simply because your posts need to gain traffic, which means you need to consistently create and publish awesome blog content.  Speaking of content, remember to keep it focused;  what common questions are prospects asking with regards to your business, product, or service? What challenges are they facing and what solutions can you provide them?

 Once you've written a nice batch of quality posts, optimize them for subscriptions:

  • Add a subscription button or email opt-in form at the top of your blog
  • Include a short and clear text telling your visitors what your blog covers and what they will get from subscribing
  • Implement SEO - target keywords and search phrases so that people can find you
  • Plug in your social media proof on your blog - show the number of subscribers your blog has already garnered
  • Add social sharing buttons within the post

Your Top Blog Posts Have A Gift - (Re)Use Them Wisely

Your best performing blog posts are like valuable cargo, treasure them. Seriously. Top blog posts garner a lot of organic traffic and you should reap the benefits of that traffic. HubSpot reports 76% of their monthly blog traffic came from older posts that picked up increased views overtime and continue to do so. Capitalize on your most popular posts or pages by optimizing them strategically for higher subscriptions: add CTA's, update SEO, promote them again with an opt-in checkbox.

47% of nurtured email subscribers tend to make larger purchases than ones that aren't

(Itag Media). Click to TweetTweet: 47% of nurtured email subscribers tend to make larger purchases than ones that aren't (Itag Media) via @RspnsvInbndMktg

It's All About The CTA, Baby

Get more eyes on your call-to-action. This includes factors ranging from the CTA color and placement to the right amount of effective copy that scores big results. Here's how to create an actionable CTA.

The plethora of techniques for winning more blog subscribers involve execution, creativity, and time, while always keeping your buyer personas in mind.  Once you've found your groove in increasing conversion rates, it's all about fine-tuning after that.

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