How to Create the Ultimate Office Playlist

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Feb 6, 2015 12:02:58 PM

You are trying to liven up your office a bit, so you decide you want to play some music. But, then you're stuck with the "Do I play Ke$ha or Beethoven?” conundrum. While every person may want something different, certain music can help boost your work productivity. Here are some key insights on how to create the ultimate office playlist!


We have all heard how great it is to listen to Mozart and Beethoven while we study. There have been numerous findings that show a boost in productivity when you listen to classical music. Well, if you are reading and writing, classical music is a great option because there are no lyrics to jumble up with the words you are reading. What if classical music isn’t really your thing? Maybe you like a little bit more bass. Well, instrumentals work great as well! As long as you keep the lyrics out, any sort of instrumental can help you!

Creating New Ideas

Coming up with new ideas can be difficult. It is almost like trying to freestyle. You just throw ideas out no matter how stupid and just roll with them, just as rappers would throw words out when they freestyle. So, for creating new ideas, listen to some rap. Rap culture is centered its freestyle roots. Freestyle doesn’t give you time to think, you just say the first thing that comes to mind. Well, when you are looking at a blank idea board trying to develop some new content ideas or sales tactics or whatever it is that you do, spitting out ideas without over-thinking them is the best way to find a great idea. Listening to rap will help you provoke that idea of speaking before you think.

Data Entry/Analysis

When you are stuck entering numbers, listen to something that livens up the room. Pop music is great for data entry. Now, I don’t mean you have to listen to the latest Justin Bieber song featuring Miley Cyrus, but listen to lively music. Data can be tiring, so stay attentive with music that gives you energy!


Sales is about confidence, it’s about knowing that what you are selling is the best and everybody should have it. Just as an athlete listens to pump up music, a sales team should listen to something that gets the blood flowing and helps boost some confidence. Find music that is high energy and brings out the Kanye West in everybody. Sometimes you have to act like the best to be the best.

Everybody has their own opinions on what kind of music they like and what they don’t like. Some people love rock and others love slow acoustic music. Find the music you like and create various mixes within your favorite genres. Not everyone will want to listen to a Rick Ross-Taylor Swift mixtape, so create your own mixes for whatever type of work you do. 


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