7 Sexy Landing Pages for Your Inspiration

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Aug 31, 2015 9:26:39 AM

Leads love helpful info, great content, and appealing offers. But, what do you do when you have all those things, and still need more leads? Take a look at your landing pages! Landing pages are what visitors see right as they’re deciding whether or not to become your leads, so they’re a vital piece of your marketing strategy. Creating enticing offers does nothing if the landing page is driving your potential leads away. If you’re wondering what makes a great landing page, keep reading – we’ve collected these 7 examples of beautiful and effective landing pages to inspire you: 

1. Trulia 

This landing page is for Trulia, a real estate website. It’s a perfect example of simplicity: there’s nothing to distract from filling out the form. And, the form is important – you convert leads through landing page forms, so you don’t want anything to overpower the form. In addition, the compelling question “How much is your home worth?” prompts the visitor to fill out the form and become a lead. 

2. Groupon 

Another example of “less is more,” this landing page for Groupon has barely anything but a picture, a deal, and a place to enter your email address. Nothing could be easier for a visitor to fill out, and the deal makes it clear that they could be saving quite a bit of money with little to no effort. 

3. Litmus 

The landing page for Litmus’ newsletter is also simple – just the form and some examples of past newsletters to let you know what you’re signing up for. Plus, it has a very friendly tone. “Let’s stay in touch” is a much better title than the generic “Sign Up” that you see so often. 

4. Tumblr 

Tumblr’s landing page is another example of simplicity, but with a twist. The background image here is an image taken from a real Tumblr user’s post – note the text “Posted by artnet” in the corner – and it changes every time you visit. This is a brilliant use of user-generated content to showcase exactly how people use their website. It lets you know what you can expect before signing up, and it makes the featured user proud. 

5. Shopify 

Some landing pages need more information, and this page from Shopify is an example of that. So, to keep everything concise and in one page, they added a how-to video that gives a brief overview of what to expect. But, they also added bullet points to encapsulate the message in shorter form, for anybody who couldn’t or didn’t want to watch the video. By doing so, they covered all their bases in making sure their landing page explains their product. 

6. Readitfor.me 

Readitfor.me is another example of a site whose product needs explaining. They also have a video, but the message of their video is less easily contained in a few brief bullet points. They adapted by keeping the video and the form at the top – above the cut, so visitors can find it easily – and then adding more detailed information as you scroll. In addition, each section has its own CTA, to keep the visitor’s mind on the goal: getting started with a free account. 

7. H. Bloom 

The landing page for H. Bloom has everything: it provides a price, an offer, and a step-by-step description of their process. The free consultation might convince hesitant viewers to enter their information and become leads, and the other details let potential customers know what to expect and help them make an informed decision. 

If too many viewers are leaving your landing pages, you can turn these viewers into leads by taking some pointers from other websites. Use these effective landing pages for your inspiration and convert lots of leads!

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