6 Social Media Tips for Your B&B

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May 21, 2015 1:33:57 PM

Many successful innkeepers, especially in remote locations, have successfully used social media for promoting their Bed & Breakfasts. Here, we’ll offer 6 ways to effectively utilize social media to boost your B&B’s marketing.


  1. Be relevant.


For social media to work well, it needs to be relevant for your business and for your audience. When innkeepers ask, “Which social networks should I use?” the real question is, “Where are the people you want to reach?” If your guests are foodies who love Pinterest, get on Pinterest to share pictures of the great food you serve, and post recipes and photos on your blog and Facebook page as well. If you want to reach travel writers and other journalists who might cover your B&B or the tourist attractions in your area, you’re more likely to interact with them on Twitter.


  1. Timeliness matters.


If you’re going to be on social media, be timely about it. Figure out the rhythm of the social networks that are relevant for your B&B and then invest the time to keep up with them so you get your content noticed.


  1. Engage.


The biggest reason to be timely is so that you can be genuinely engaging with people who might take an interest in your B&B and capture your audience. You want to spend your time talking with people about their interests, not broadcasting at them about your inn and your area. Remember that, while it is “media,” it must be truly social to be effective and welcoming for your potential guests.


  1. Be helpful.


Always offer something of value, such as photos or event information or recipes. If you’re always talking only about yourself or asking for business, people will form a negative opinion of you. If, instead, you aim to provide them with useful information that will help them have a great trip, they’ll like you more.


  1. Have a method to the madness.


If you want to see success from social media, you have to keep at it. You can build a meaningful presence online using the social networks that are right for your inn, but not if your participation in those networks is incongruent. Social media should be a regular part of your work. Consistently dedicating 10-15 minutes per day can make a big difference for you.


  1. It’s a learning process.


Social media is constantly evolving. As with any other aspect of your business, you should experiment with different approaches on social media, measure the impact of your efforts, and then continue to pursue the strategies that work best for your inn.


After implementing these 6 social media tips, your B&B’s online presence will be shiny and new – and attracting more guests! Ah, the power of social etiquette.

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