5 Ways to Create the Ideal Office Culture

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May 28, 2015 9:47:54 AM

Regardless of what type of work you’re in, a culture will emerge. The good news is: your office culture is your responsibility. Even if you aren’t a manager, you can very well lead with your strong points and, essentially, create the kind of environment you – and the rest of the team – prefers. Here, we’ll discuss 5 successful ways to contribute to and improve your workplace and, in turn, build something unique and awesome.


  1. Inspire productivity with passion.


If passion for work and your company’s continued growth and success is apparent, your office will be a productive one. When a passionate and diverse set of specialists comes together, things will get done – maybe even things that no other company has ever done before.


  1. Perform goal-driven work.


Employees’ work should directly and positively impact the stated goals of the company. When the importance of individuals’ roles and their overall impact on the company’s success is emphasized, not only will they enjoy seeing their hard work translated into tangible results, but your company will function more efficiently because of it.


  1. Don’t lose focus.


Leaders with a clear, concise plan for the direction of the team instill the same resolve and focus in their teams. Maintaining a proactive, almost optimistic mentality is an excellent best practice for remaining on track in your work and helping others around you do the same.


  1. Attitude > experience.


The personal desire and discipline to wear and own different hats in order to build the business is critical. When a less experienced employee steps up to the plate and does more than what is asked – especially if it’s outside of their comfort zone – their attitude is much more beneficial than that of a more experienced employee who refuses to assimilate into a positive office culture. A great office culture is comprised of individuals who strive to enhance their strengths, and also discover and foster new strengths, as well.


  1. Establish comfortability.


The goal is to genuinely enjoy going into work every day, and this can only happen if you’re comfortable. This doesn’t mean walking around the office barefoot (although, no judgment); being comfortable at work means enjoying the people you share the space with and feeling positive about the direction in which the business is heading. At Responsive Inbound Marketing, our small team is invested in helping each other do the best work we can and grow as an agency. Our culture is not only positive, it’s rewarding – and perks like Summer Fridays and a dog-friendly office don’t hurt!


If you’re working to make your work environment work, these tips will inject life into your company – and that’s the culture you’ll love.

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