5 Ways Instagram is an Effective Marketing Tool

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Aug 26, 2014 2:56:00 PM

Looking to enhance your company's social media presence? You would be wise to incorporate Instagram into your plans. Instagram, the mega-popular photo and video sharing social network, is growing faster than Twitter and Facebook combined. Don't worry, your other social accounts are still very relevant (providing you use them right), but do not ignore the fast growing popularity of this visual-driven platform.

 If this isn't enough motivation for you to hop onboard the bandwagon, here are an additional 5 reasons Instagram is an effective marketing tool:

1) We process images way faster than text 

If you're an active social media marketer, chances are you've heard the statistic that the brain proccesses visual information 60,000 times faster than text. People are scanners, digesting a very limited amount of online text. Instagram molds to this behavior. Make it easier for your audience to remember your content by creating great images!

2) Video consumption is on the rise

Cisco estimates that by 2016, online video watching will take up 55% of all internet traffic. Also by 2016, advertisers are expected to spend $8.04 billion on online video, nearly doubling their 2013 amount. Watch how Nike and GE incorporated captivating 15 second videos into their Instagram accounts.

3) Visuals help tell your brand's story

Whether it be a photo of someone using your product, or a snapshot of your employees, an image can be worth a thousand words. Make your company personable with photos—like these from the apparel brand, Patagonia.

4) It inspires interaction with your brand

Chobani inspired by celebrating their audience's unique artistry with their #creationaday campaign. Instagram allows you to start a movement around your brand while allowing people the opportunity to express themselves.

5) Built for mobile first

Instagram has a beautifully simple mobile interface that makes it fun for people to view and upload photos and videos wherever they are. As a company, you want to give your customer the ability to interact with you at all points of the day.

Hopefully this gets you excited about interacting with your customers through the power of photo and video sharing! Remember, it's easy to waste your social media efforts if you don't track their performance. At Responsive Inbound Marketing, we use Hubspot to track your KPIs and make sure social is working for you. 


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