5 Medical Marketing Ideas You Should Know About

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Sep 20, 2016 12:01:53 PM

Medical Marketing Ideas"You should see my doctor" has probably been uttered more times than we know in the history of medical discourse. Though this phrase alone is one cost-effective marketing method doctors rely on to keep volumes up, inbound marketing strategies can drive incredible results and the best ROI for both your time and money.

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Unless you're the only medical practice in your town, patients use a number of factors to determine where they will receive health care. To guide prospects toward the direction of your medical practice, let's dissect the possibilities (no pun intended) of what inbound marketing can do for your healthcare practice. Check out some of these medical marketing ideas.

  1. The Blogging Effect

You can totally administer the patient experience and quality of care via the internet. Through your medical website (a must-have for any modern healthcare practice),  create a blog page with highly-targeted content. Give your readers something to talk about with their family and friends by focusing on educational content and relevant topics (there's no shortage of topic ideas in the medical field). Make sure to implement  keyword opportunities into your blogs that will result in considerable traffic increase to your website (no keyword stuffing!)

  1. The Social Media Paradigm

It's not easy to explain or comprehend anything medical or clinical. That's why social media is a great option to give people an alternative to communicate with your practice and vice versa. Facebook and Twitter are practical channels to post health tips, published blog posts, as well as respond to comments and reviews in a timely manner.  Address people's concerns, questions, and yes, bad reviews need attention too if you want to stifle doubts about your practice.   Ultimately, you want to be there, albeit virtually, for your audience in your social media network.

  1. The Mobile-Friendly Solution

It's time to face the facts: 65% of smartphone users consume digital media time. If this medical marketing idea is not reason enough for you to optimize your website for mobile, then you're missing out on gaining prospective patients. Mobile users want their information fast and easy to be able to make decisions on the fly. Given 80% of Americans now own a smartphone, mobile-friendly websites simply get more traffic. On the other hand, If your mobile site is difficult to navigate, visitors are more likely to turn away and search for a better option.

  1. The Email Marketing Method

Sending email campaigns to your patients is an effective medical marketing idea that keeps them engaged. You can send out routine information like appointment reminders, but you can also send marketing materials like newsletters, upcoming events, or health tips. By keeping in touch with your patients this way, you are maintaining a relationship even if they don't visit your office regularly. Here's a time-saving tip: MailChimp is a great email marketing service that allows you to organize and automate your messages. Your emails will be sent to your target audience, that is people on your contact list that can use the information you are sending out.

  1. The Survey Strategy

What better way to find out if you're staying on track with patients' expectations than to conduct surveys? Not only does this marketing method idea serve as an opportunity for business growth and improvement, but your patients will appreciate the chance to give their opinion. Easily post a survey on your website for your patients to answer and get feedback on whether they're satisfied with the care they're receiving, the customer service, facilities, or if the waiting time is too long.

As you've just read, inbound marketing can do wonders for your business. Why not take the leap and learn more about how your healthcare practice can benefit from inbound marketing?  

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