4 New Innovations Of An Inbound Marketing Company

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Feb 16, 2016 2:07:15 PM

Inbound Marketing is all about getting your target audience to come to you. The inbound methodology is about using smart, targeted content marketing to give your customers what they want.

Inbound marketing is most successful when it combines quality content with innovative strategy to reach new levels of excellence. Take a look at these outstanding examples of new innovations for your inbound marketing company and think about how they can help guide your inbound strategy.4_New_Innovations_Of_An_Inbound_Marketing_Company-2.jpg

1. Pop Culture

You know that thing that everyone is obsessed with right now? Well, is there a way you can use it to garner more visits to your site? HootSuite did this brilliantly with its Game of Social Thrones viral video. They took a pop culture touchstone and used it as the basis for promoting their brand. Now, where this often goes wrong is that companies will pick a random cool or popular song or movie and try to make it fit. The reason that HootSuite’s pop mash-up worked is because they determined that a large portion of their audience were fans of Game of Thrones and it was a crossover that made sense. And, HootSuite is a leader in using humor to lighten up some rather serious topics. Remember, in order for it to work, content must be tailored, not just clever.

2. Storytelling

Tech juggernaut Microsoft honed in on our natural desire to listen to and engage with personal stories. And, they used science! Scientists discovered that human bodies produce oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone, when they are listening to character-driven, human interest stories. So, the brand used this concept to “humanize” stories about software, which, let’s face it, is pretty boring. So, instead of talking about their products, they talk about people and all of the amazing things that they have done, seen, and achieved. This can be used on your website as well as your company blog. Engage readers and make them feel, fill them with the warm and fuzzies—it is a smart way to draw them in and leave them with positive vibes.

3. Visual Content

We all know that you should be using video content as part of your inbound marketing strategy. But GoPro knows that jaw-dropping, extraordinary video content is really where it’s at! Obviously, it makes sense that a trendy mobile camera creator would know that blowing your mind with videos is a stellar way to engage you. A fact their 2.7 million YouTube subscribers can attest to. In fact, the compelling visuals draw you in so quickly and easily that you will soon forget they are promotional.

4. A Powerful Theme

When you think of Disney, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Beyond Mickey and Minnie, for most people it is magic. According to The Content Marketing Institute, “Disney’s most treasured asset isn’t something that you can touch, see, measure, weigh, or toggle on Google Analytics. It’s magic”.

Magic is cleverly woven through every component of Disney—from the tangible—park visits, family vacations—to the intangible—websites, blogs, emails and more. Disney so smartly uses the powerful theme of magic to make a human connection (see above) and play upon our hopes and dreams. The magic theme appeals to a wide audience of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds giving it mass appeal combined with a personal experience. Although magic might mean something a little different to everyone, who doesn’t want a little more if it in their life?!

After reading about these four innovative appoaches, do you feel inspiried? How can you use them as a catalyst to develop a pioneering content marketing campaign?

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