3 Reasons Why It Is Important to Humanize Your Brand

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Jan 16, 2019 1:30:10 PM

There are countless ways to make your brand appear more human. But why is this such a desirable trait for companies to have? Humanizing your brand can help your company steer away from the traditional, and often robotic, marketing techniques and focus on being more relatable and engaging.

Besides that, why else is it important for brands to humanize themselves?

1-Humanizing can help tell your brand’s story

Storytelling is one of the many ways we as humans communicate. It helps create an engaging environment where people feel comfortable enough to express their own ideas and opinions. Humanizing your brand allows for more opportunities to share your brand’s story and connect with your audience, especially since 92% of consumers want brands to make their advertisements feel more like stories. Sharing your brand’s story can also help you maintain transparency as a company and clearly state your values as a brand.

humanizing brand story

2-Humanizing will build relationships

With social media being a dominant marketing tool, it can allow for brands to create connections with their audience,that is, if they use it correctly. In order to truly engage with your audience, it has to feel like they are talking to a human. Creating conversation and talking with your audience, not at them, through social media can help you further understand your audience. It can make your brand appear more trustworthy and establish a sense of credibility. 

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humanizing brand relationship

3-You can let your team be seen

Humans want to connect with other humans and by letting your audience get to know your employees can allow them to do just that. Having your own team members as your social media avatar or login page can show the audience a side of your company it may have never seen before. Seeing a face rather than a logo can help make your brand appear less robotic and more human and prompt further engagement with your viewers. It only takes 1/10 of a second for a viewer to make a first impression and having an appealing profile picture can get your brand started off on the right foot.

humanizing brand team

Overall, humanizing your brand can allow for a deeper connection to be made with your audience. It can also create a sense of trust between you and your viewers and make room for engaging conversation. Humanizing your brand can help maintain a positive relationship between company and consumer. Simply put, humans respond to humans and humanizing your brand can help you get the response you’re looking for.

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