10 Reasons Why YOU Should Work with Responsive Inbound Marketing

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Jul 15, 2016 10:51:58 AM

Here at Responsive Inbound Marketing, we are passionate about marketing. But not just any marketing. As an agency, we truly believe in the power of inbound marketing and know it can take your business to the next level.

Not really sure what Inbound Marketing is? Here's a great place to start:

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Working with Responsive Inbound Marketing

We want to tell you what we're capable of doing for your brand. Why? Because we understand the inbound marketing methodology and we know how to put it into practice.

Here are 10 reasons why you will love working with us:

  1. We are special! No, really, we are. Our team members are specialists in their areas of expertise. That means we don’t have one person trying to do everything; we work as a team of experts to get the job done for you and complete them the right way.

  1. You are special too, so we treat you like you are our only client. Each of our teams has a certain amount of accounts so that they all have the right amount of hours dedicated to our clients.

  1. We are a boutique-style agency, which means we never have so many clients that you will feel ignored. Our goal is to build excellent relationships with our clients, instead of operating a big agency with clients we barely know or understand.

  1. We understand our clients. We have implemented a 45-day onboarding period after we sign up a new account, so that we can really get to understand not just our client, but their industry as a whole along with their goals and benchmarks. Every client and industry are different from one another, which is why each should be thoroughly researched and understood before they are worked on. Within that 45-day onboarding period, we set up your entire portal as well as do a complete website and SEO audit. 

  1. In addition to being experts in our particular field, we are nice, honest people. So, we will always do our best to kindly advise and guide you even if we don’t agree with the path you have chosen. Our job is to help you, I mean, that is really why you hired us right? To lead you in the right direction... 

  1. We have landed one of our client's biggest clients to date, and we are both thrilled. We can’t tell you who, but they are industry-leaders doing cool things.

  1. We believe in the power of communication! We skype, email, text and have monthly/weekly calls with our clients.

  1. Our Founder and President used to work at HubSpot, so she learned from the best in the biz.

  1. We are always “on.” We drink way too much coffee and have a lot of energy. The team lives and breathes what we do and we take pride in every piece we create.

  1. We are responsive. Our name says it all. Lindsey Framer, our President, chose the name to convey how extremely responsive she is to clients’ needs. Plus, she truly understands and sees the importance of inbound marketing. We are constantly skyping, chatting, emailing, calling and even texting with our clients.

Here are just a few cool stats to show you how we have helped our clients:

  • We have helped drive tremendous traffic. The total visits driven (email, social, organic, etc.) by 142% within just 9 months of working with a client.

  • We increased traffic by 98.65% in total, 46% of that being organic.

  • We helped increase lead conversion rate by 50%!

Start growing your business today and let us help you land those customers you are waiting for!

Now that you know the top 10 reasons why you should work with us, and have actually seen some results, we are going to give you one more. You will get a free 30-minute assessment of your website and blog with one of our experts. Don’t wait. Contact us today!

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