10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Marketing Team

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Feb 14, 2017 12:05:24 PM

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the fuzzy feeling you get when you admire someone shouldn't be exclusive to your sweetheart. Here at Responsive Inbound Marketing, our team is driven by a shared passion for creativity, meaningful results, and the love for the (marketing) game. Sure, there are days where it feels like your calendar is running you instead of the other way around, and deadlines are creeping up on you faster than you can finish your third cup of coffee before lunchtime! (Deep breath).

Love Your Marketing TeamThankfully, you're not in this alone. Know that your diverse, talented, and highly productive marketing team has your back. After all, they share the same sweet spot of content marketing: sleepless nights assembling the perfect digital marketing plan, looking over key metrics in analytics reports, or fretting over the mounds of actionable emails that need to be addressed pronto.

Spread The Love In Your Office

Stop for a second and look up from your screen to admire your hard-working team that love what they do and do it well. If you're stumped on what to write in your Valentine's Day card to your office crew, no worries. We're here to remind you why you should love your marketing team.

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  1. They Get it

That progress report due at the end of the week; the frustrating tech issue you're experiencing with your software; or even the writer's block moment you can't shake off some days - these are pain points you share as a team and you're able to overcome them together over drinks after work or a night of drunken karaoke.

  1. Team Goals

As a marketing team with a shared passion, there is a common goal to achieve at the end of each day. Falling behind on a project can have rippling effects. Good thing those morning team huddles open up the floor to effective planning, collaboration, and a few rounds of Dunkin Donuts to start your day on the right foot.

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  1. Motivation

The driving force of great marketing can be owed to the awesome support of your team. Sometimes a little gesture of encouragement can give you a much needed push; a post-it on your screen that reads 'Good Job!', or free lunch. You'd probably go for the free lunch, though.

  1. You're Never Bored

In any creative workplace, the mind of a savvy marketer is brimming with colorful ideas, and eccentricities. As long as chairs aren't flying across the room, in content marketing, personality packs a punch.

  1. "You Can't Fake Personality, Passion, Or Purpose." - Richard Branson

Oh Richard, is there anything you say that doesn't ring true? The three marketing P's are the key ingredients to a vibrant and successful enterprise. Put these traits into a pool of dynamic marketers and you've got one hell of a winning team.  

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  1. The Real Value Of 'Thank-You'

In a deadline-driven and panic-induced industry, a job (well) done ahead of time, or done for you  brings an indescribable feeling of relief and joy. That means you've just deducted one worry from your team's conscience and contributed to a better night's sleep for everyone.

  1. Solving Problems As A Team

Customers' needs are evolving constantly. It is up to savvy marketers like you and your team to identify those needs and deliver solutions to their problems, while offering a personalized experience and valuable content. This is why you love your team; their individual expertise and talent in implementing personalized marketing tacticsmarketing team

  1. Gossip Marketers

With social media networks now in the marketing mix, part of your job is to catch up on news, articles, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, interact with users, and your community of professionals. Leading these platforms in any marketing strategy is hard work, contrary to popular belief.  But that's not to say that we don't have fun with it. Take our marketing team for example, we can't keep hot headlines to ourselves, so we created a weekly blog post dedicated to news that's creating office buzz!

  1. Trust

The interpersonal trust that's established within a team is just as important as that between customers and your brand. Naturally, trust is earned. But once its cultivated, a strong bond reinforces teamwork and produces kickass results.  

  1. Growing Pains

It's nice to have a safe space to be creative and hone your content marketing skills, but when your team collectively chimes in to help you grow and develop into a master of your craft, they're a keeper. Constructive feedback is critical to solving marketing challenges head on. So when your team offers a critique on an email campaign that can be catchier, or a blog post that can use more polishing, it's helpful insight, not a putdown. As the saying goes, "Two heads are better than one. Four heads are better than two."


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