17 Tips That Will Jumpstart Your Startup

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Mar 25, 2015 11:55:55 AM

Getting recognized as a small startup company is no easy task. When starting from scratch, you’ll be tempted to push your message with advertising, email blasts to purchased lists, cold calling, or trade shows. But, interruptive marketing techniques have been losing traction for years now, so many startups actually end up wasting a lot of time and money on noise people have learned to ignore. 

Here’s an idea: How about creating marketing that people love in order to bring people to you? That's where inbound comes in. But, how can inbound marketing jumpstart your startup?

Here, we’ll offer key advice for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business using SEO, blogging, and social media – golden inbound methods. 

  1. Start marketing the day you start building your product.
  2. Stop worrying that someone will steal your idea. Worry instead about how you're going to get customers, a team, and funding.
  3. Don't try to outspend the incumbent. Startups need to find marketing that gives you leverage.
  4. When done right, marketing isn’t unpleasant.
  5. Focus on attracting people instead of annoying them.
  6. Provide value instead of pushing your way in.
  7. Marketing doesn't have to be sleazy. Create helpful content and bring people to you.
  8. Publish early, publish often.
  9. Build marketing assets that you own.
  10. Invest in organic search.
  11. Pick your search keywords before you do any SEO, and choose them wisely.
  12. Pick keywords that have decent search volume but aren’t so competitive that you’ll never rank.
  13. Solve for the searcher, not the search engine.
  14. When it comes to your website, invest in great design and user experience.
  15. Make it dead-simple to share your content on social media by putting sharing buttons on your site.
  16. Create value for the connections you hope to get someday.
  17. Implement Calls to Action.

So, is inbound marketing necessary for startups? It’s certainly an excellent way to improve your marketing efforts in order to get the most returns long-term. Build your brand the right way and attracting the right people will end up happening naturally. The startup world requires a lot of work and dedication, so don’t waste your precious time (and dollars) on methods that aren’t truly beneficial for your company. Inbound may be the ideal tactic for your startup, so get started.

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