When Will I Start Seeing Results from Inbound Marketing?

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May 16, 2014 3:46:00 PM

3,080,000. That is the number of hits that popped up on Google when I entered "When will I start seeing results from Inbound Marketing?". Clearly, there are a lot of other people out there wondering the same thing, and I understand why. I just launched Responsive Inbound Marketing last week, so I totally get it. People like instant gratification, so when they start putting forth a lot of hours and hard work, they want to see results right away. In today's day and age, constant satisfaction is kind of expected. If you are wondering an answer to a question, you can figure it out in seconds; if you want to find out information on a potential hire, you can find information in seconds; if you want to tell everyone you just won an award, 500 people will hear within seconds; its just the way the world works now. 

Now, back to my original question. Drum roll, please...It depends. Not the answer you were looking for? Well, unfortunately, that's the honest answer. There are three really important components that go along with that answer.

1) Time with Inbound Marketing
2) Dedication with Inbound Marketing and
3) Consistency with Inbound Marketing

In doing my research about this topic, I noticed that it really varies because of those three components. Some say it takes about 2-7 months, and others say 9 months. It just depends on how often you blog, what the quality of the content is, and how consistent you are. Inbound Marketing is INCREDIBLY powerful and effective when you do it right. It's not a silver bullet and it does not come over night. 

Below are a couple of really great charts that HubSpot has put out that paint a clear picture of how long it takes, what factors attributed, and the overall website traffic increase. This was a study taken by thousands of HubSpot customers.







I know what you are thinking... 2-7 months, that's just way too long! Why would I consider Inbound Marketing then? Well, I'll let you discover the details in the case study below: 

KZO Innovations and Responsive Inbound Marketing


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