Welcome To The Team, Rachel!

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Jan 4, 2017 3:27:41 PM

A born writer, entrepreneur, and marketer, I’m thrilled to be landing at Responsive Inbound Marketing as Social Media and Content Coordinator. Throughout my career I’ve enjoyed working on small teams with like-minded people who are fueled by the excitement of watching a business grow.Welcome To The Team, Rachel!

I recently graduated from Startup Institute Boston as a Digital Marketing student. My insatiable curiosity met its match at Startup Institute, a full-time, immersive eight-week program that helps people like me find a career they love. So what would make me want to quit my former job and subject myself to a rigorous schedule filled with endless coffee chats, marketing assignments and group projects? I’ve never been one to settle for second best, so when I felt like my career was taking me away from what I love, writing and marketing, I knew it was time to get back on track.

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My experience there was transformative, both personally and professionally. In fact, it’s how I discovered Responsive Inbound Marketing. Its Founder and President Lindsey Framer led our Inbound Marketing Methodology class and taught in a way that made perfect sense. I knew I wanted to use Inbound to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. Little did I know eight weeks later I’d join the team!

Prior to joining SI, I knew that I belonged in marketing. I just wasn’t sure where to start in order to make a career out of it. Starting out as an English major at Boston University, I always had a penchant for writing. In most of my professional roles up until now, I’ve found a way to produce content of all sorts, and it has hands down been my favorite task. Owning my own business for five years, I grew an audience of loyal shoppers through engaging social media posts and email campaigns. Working as a small business owner allowed me the creative space to build and test marketing campaigns in order to drive traffic to my store and keep it coming back. The work was thrilling and exciting, and I look forward to capturing that same feeling while helping clients with their inbound marketing strategies at Responsive Inbound Marketing.

When I’m not writing and crafting ways to connect with customers through killer content, I can usually be found drinking way too much coffee at a coffee shop, Caffe Nero happens to be my favorite at the moment. It’s a great place to enjoy a good conversation with a friend or to brainstorm a new marketing campaign. I also love to travel (near and far) to discover new neighborhoods and meet new people. Among some of the places to visit on my bucket list are: Austin, TX and Amsterdam.

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