This Week's Prominent Post-Its

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Apr 29, 2016 1:53:54 PM

It's that time of the week again. When everyone is putting the final touches on their work in anticipation of a relaxing weekend. It was probably a pretty busy week for you and now you need to do some catching up on the biggest news stories. Well don't you worry because we have all the juicy details for you in this week's prominent post-its!Prominent Post-Its

Haters Gonna Hate...And Take...And Kick You Out
So it turns out China is more paranoid than we initially thought! So much so that they're starting to crack down on international NGO’s, a.k.a. the organizations that provide helpful services for both the people and the environment. Now, in an effort to dissuade outside influences, the Chinese police must approve every NGO stationed in China. At the moment it seems that 7,000 foreign organizations will be affected. This is sure to cause even more strain on US-Chinese relations since the US has a big stake in China’s market right now. If enough US NGOs get completely banned from China, the US market could take a big hit, as well as the people who those NGOs were helping.

Baeyonce Strikes Again

Unless you’ve been living under Patrick Star’s rock, you’ve probably heard that Beyoncé dropped a visual album on HBO this week. The story line follows the different stages of grief that a woman goes through when her husband cheats on her. Many believe this means Jay-Z was less than faithful to the singer. But he made a cameo towards the end as the anger died down and the songs became softer so don't expect divorce sirens any time soon. There’s also some controversy over the activism depicted in a few of the scenes, but mostly people are cheering on Beyoncé’s celebration of black women. There was only one promotional piece released to indicate the drop of this album, and it came a week before. So basically, once again, Beyoncé proves that she does not need excess hype to sell her music.

Fast And Furious 25: Mitsubishi Owners 

The famous car company, which had previously stated it cheated on their fuel efficiency tests for the past few years, has now fessed up to 25 years worth of cheating. It’s still unclear just how many cars this has affected, but the backlash against it has made a huge a dent in their stocks. They have lost half their market value, about $3.9 billion, and the EPA are forcing them to retest their vehicles. It’s not sure how the future will pan out for this company, but it’s not looking good at the moment. It won’t be long until their competition starts using this against them. Just wait until the new models start being put into market to see what the commercials will show.

NFL Draft, Now New England's Least Favorite Beer

If you’re a big sports fan, you probably heard that the NFL draft was taking place this week, but did you know about the shakeup that occurred for one player? Laremy Tunsil, from Ole Miss, was predicted to be a favorite on the board, but right before the draft started someone hacked his Twitter account and posted a video of him taking a hit from a bong while wearing a gas mask. Because of this, he became the untouchable. Unfortunately for the New England Patriots, everyone was considered an untouchable. This was because the judge ruled a few days back to hold Tom Brady to his sentence. Though Roger Goodell cheered victory, the rest of America booed him at the draft. 

Is It A Marvel Movie Or A Trump Protest?

Donald Trump held a rally that drew a crowd of thousands of people in California this week, but not all of those people were his supporters. A large protest was mounted outside of the venue and let’s just says it wasn’t a peaceful event. Big surprise. A few people came out of it with bloody noses and a few bruises. The biggest reasons for the protest against the rally was that the group was tired of hearing all the hateful banter being put forth by Trump and felt the need to stand up to it. California is normally a very liberal state. It has a tendency to go blue in big elections so it’s no surprise that this was the state that this protest broke out in.

That’s all the news we have for you this week! We hope you have an amazing weekend full of sunshine and hopefully no snow. Don’t forget to meet us back here next week for another round of prominent post-its. 

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