This Week’s Prominent Post-Its

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Apr 15, 2016 11:52:26 AM

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week went well and that you’re entering into a long weekend. A lot has gone on in the news this week so let me break it down for you. Here are this week’s prominent post-its:this week's prominent post-itsOne Boston Day

Marathon Monday has been a long standing tradition for the people of Boston. So much so that the majority of the city has the day off from work and school. Elite runners come from all over the city to run the Boston Marathon and many train their entire running careers to be able to qualify. But three years ago today the city of Boston suffered a devastating loss. Many people were injured and a few died from two bombs that went off near the Boston Marathon finish line. Now, the day has been marked as One Boston Day and stands for a day of kindness. People are encouraged to help out others just for the sake of spreading peace and love in the wake of tragedy. This may be a Boston event, but it’s something that everyone can take part in. So spend some time, go out of your way, and help someone today. And to the runners from all over the world who will step up to the starting line this Monday, good luck and stay safe!

A Quizzical BuzzFeed

By now almost everyone’s heard of BuzzFeed and more likely than not, has probably taken a few of their personality quizzes. And though you may now know what type of woodland creature you would be in an animated movie, what you might not know is that they have been rapidly growing since their start. So it came as a surprise to the world when the Financial Times announced this week that BuzzFeed would be cutting their projected revenue in half. This is shocking news for many, but especially for BuzzFeed. They came out today denying the claims and saying they’re actually poised to exceed their second quarter goals. Hopefully this is true, but many see this as a sign of what’s to come with future content creation. The majority of BuzzFeed is funded by advertisers who market on their site, which has always worked in the past, but if the Financial Times is right, we could be seeing the rise of paid content. That would mean BuzzFeed and others of the like would put a user price on their beloved quizzes. We already see it happening with YouTube Red, but so far it hasn’t gotten to the point where all content is completely paid for by users.  

Foul: Russian The Plane

A lot of uproar was caused when a video of Russian fighter jets flying just 75 ft away from a US ship in international waters went viral. US Secretary of State John Kerry openly slammed the incident saying that the US destroyer could have easily shot down the jets if they had chosen to. An expert has determined that they flew in an attack simulated position, which is pretty suggestive of the Russians. It seems like they may have been baiting the US to shoot at them so that some kind of retaliation could occur, but thankfully the captain showed restraint. There’s definitely a difference between showing off, which the Russians have been known to try and do, and simulating an attack. And this definitely was on the attack side of things. Even so, the planes didn’t have any visible weapons and the US destroyer never detected they were being locked on to any type of missile guidance technology. Until Putin makes a statement, we’ll just chalk this up to the cockiness of new flyers.

Cannibal Galaxy ATTACK

The science community has obtained new high resolution photos of a cluster of galaxies that can be seen from the southern hemisphere. For most, this is probably a yawn because really this picture doesn’t look like anything new to us, but the real story comes from one dot of light called NGC 1399. Apparently, there is a bridge of light connecting this galaxy to a smaller one named NGC 1387. I know what you’re thinking, and no it isn’t a pathway for aliens to cross. It’s actually proof that NGC 1399 is feeding off of NGC 1387! And it’s happening before our very eyes! We just don’t have the technology to fully see it. I know traveling to Mars and enhancing the International Space Station is important and everything, but I would definitely pay to gain the technology to see a galaxy eating another galaxy. Think of all the things JJ Abrams could do with that!

Goodbye Kobe

Wednesday was the last day of the NBA season, which meant it was Kobe Bryants goodbye game for the Lakers. Many celebrities were in attendance and even created a video thanking him for all that he has done. In his final game he scored 60 points, leading to a win over the Utah Jazz. Since his career finished with a total of 33,000 points, he has cemented his place as the third all time scorer in NBA history. That is, until a new youngling decides to take on that challenge. But not everyone was cheering Kobe on. He was part of one of the most high profile rape cases in history and some are still wondering why he is considered a hero. So, although tickets for his Wednesday game were selling for $25,000 and records were broken in the gift shops, his integrity is still being called into question by many onlookers.

That is your round-up for the week! I hope you have an amazing and beautiful weekend. And if you’re going to the Boston Marathon, spectating or running, have a great time and good luck!

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